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Just found my archived World. Pretty.


In-Game Creations Category
Pixel Art
In-Game Creations Type
General Builds, Wire/Mechanical Builds, Boss & Boss Arenas, Pixel Art
Those memories providing this map to a playerbase via my server.

The new starting area for beginners, with a simple AFK-Zone.

A little Village due to NPCs were double spawning.

The old Buddharia 1.0 spawn.

The most ambitious project, which took me several months? Cannot remember anymore. The only thing is, it was fully handcrafted, no tEdit or whatsoever.
Several themed homes, from giant Bee-Hive to Creepy Halloween Spookey House up to the forge of heavens down to the heart of the world.
Also includes a custom Hard-Hardcore Golem Dungeon and fighting area, now with +90% traps!
(Dark areas to the bottom shortened due to having mostly black laby areas in between.)

Battle Arena for the peeps. Events like multiple bosses at once or PvP fights have been held here.

Sadly, as for v1.4, our Monoliths ain't working anymore properly. Background is kinda mixing and going haywire (for instance, newest spawn area for beginners mixing up with Hallow + Shroom Biome background, even if you are way out of range of the shroom tileset. Is still working with v1.3.5.3, but ... whatever.
Just imagine the background beauty with the monoliths :3
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