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Just have some questions for you....(it’s like the opposite of a AMA)


The Destroyer
Ummm how many of you know how to get rid of the grid around the cursor on console?(I’m not talking about swapping modes, I’m taking about getting rid of the grid so I can see what I’m placing very well)
Well since that console only thing is over know it’s back to all platforms
What’s your favorite building material?
What’s your favorite NPC?
........... uhhhhhhhh what’s your favorite boss or whatever... I’m running out of ideas crap, I had one earlier but forgot it...

The True Destroyer

The Destroyer
Building material? Hard. I do palettes, so you need multiple materials each. I have a few good palettes for different themes, though.
  • Modern is great with glass, smooth marble block and boreal wood (glass furniture will do)
  • Space theme is good with martian conduit plating, granite/martian furniture (paint as you wish), adamantite beam (painted gray for best effect) and either tin/copper plating, also painted gray.
  • For a desert or beach look, palm wood and gray stucco. palm furniture (palm candles on platforms = good)
  • For a classic house style, dynasty wood can be good for framework, or you could try rich mahogany (be sure to paint it.) gray bricks and stone slab are good for walls.
NPC? uh.... um.... idk lol
Boss? Gotta say the Destroyer. (No relation.)
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