Drawings & Paintings Just some fakemon starters...(and their evolutions...)

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  1. darkmega5

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    grass 1.png fire 2.png water 3.png
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  2. TheWorfer27

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    Weird how the ice is lost in the transion of the water types
  3. darkmega5

    darkmega5 Skeletron Prime

    I did that just for some variety.
    and, didn't a similar thing happen with rowlet's evolution line?
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  4. -=+=Frostiikin=+=-

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    It's a neat concept, but i'd have to recommend re-making it in not MS Paint. Probably firealpaca would be your best bet if your using a mouse due to it's really good pen correction (makes lines smoother) But if you have a graphics tablet... Still firealpaca is probably the best free option.
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  5. GodHimself

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    Great m8
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  6. ToLazyToPickAName

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    This is amazing :kingslime: