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Story Knore v Wisp

Jack Morgan

Skeletron Prime
Heyo, people. So basically, I was showing one of my best friends my art, and he told me "You should draw Wisp and Knore ( His OC ) fighting. Now, I'm not a great artist, so I did the next best thing. I wrote it.

Warning: Contains lotsa violence and some harsh language, I'd recommend this only be read by older and mature people. Also contains a number of inside jokes between us, so you might not get some bits.


As Knore and the team rode out in one of NELL’s vehicles, he looked around at his new squad. He’d been assigned to one of the specialist teams, who’d just lost a member to some mission or another. It was a bit much for a simple soldier like him, but being specialist meant you got all kinds of benefits. ‘Sides, all he had to do was march in, shoot :red:, and march out. As for his new squad, there was some guy fiddling with a bunch of drones, a pretty hot chick with vivid green hair and a sniper, and Wisp. Wisp was an odd one. While Knore and the other two joked and laughed to pass the time, Wisp just sat in the corner, testing his sword’s edge. Knore figured he was one of two types: The grim, battle scarred guy, or the pompous :red:. But in the end, it didn’t really matter. This team would be getting a transfer soon enough, and Knore would be bumped down to one of the less prestigious squads.

Three hours later:

As the Boss’s goons tossed him down into the pit, he stood up and brushed his coat off, and readjusted his hood. Wisp was staring at him. Despite literally having no face to show expression with, Knore could somehow feel the anger radiating off of him. He sorta deserved it, though. But no one’d told him they were being stealthy! Anyway, that was that. The rules: They fight, the two others and the winner go free, and the loser either dies or serves as a slave. Fun. As the bell to start fighting rang out, he turned to Wisp, trying to convey some kind of plan to get themselves out of there to him. The only thing Wisp conveyed, though, was a fist right into Knore’s face.

As the red that the world had suddenly become faded away, Knore gave up trying to be diplomatic and steeled himself, ready for what Wisp had in store for him. He only got a second of rest, as the second he looked back up Wisp smashed a fist right into his chest, tossing him into the wall of the pit. Not going to give Wisp another chance, Knore pushed off the side of the wall, aiming a swift counterattack at Wisp’s helmet. Wisp ducked under and tossed Knore over his shoulder, but Knore recovered and swung his leg into the side of Wisp’s helmet, causing him to stumble a few steps. Landing in a somewhat graceful manner, Knore dashed forward, punching into Wisp’s back. After another small stumble, Wisp used the force of the punch to his advantage, running up to the wall and pushing up against it to flip him backward. Landing behind Knore, he swung his fist into his side, but Knore twisted around and blocked it, returning it to Wisp with a sudden counter. Wisp went for a strong headbutt, but Knore dropped and swung his legs at Wisp, dropping him to his knees. He then backed up to the other side of the arena, ready to finish this. Wisp seemed to understand what he was trying, and they both charged into each other, fists ready. Knore saw Wisp’s fist home in on his face, as Knore drove his own forward with all he had. For a second everything seemed to crawl by at a snail’s pace, and then…

Right at the last second, Wisp ducked under, tossing Knore up over his shoulder into the air. Suddenly understanding the plan, Knore swung himself around, crashing into the upper viewing decks of the pit. Quickly dashing behind some metal crates to avoid the wave of gunfire, he watched as Wisp ran up against the opposite wall, jumping off and swinging on the dim light to give him the burst of momentum he needed to leap onto the deck. Instead of joining Knore in cover, though, he dashed into the nearest soldier, ripping his gun away and tossing it to Knore. Catching it, Knore suddenly felt his calling, leaping into the fray and gunning down wave after wave of goons. Wisp had gotten a large nasty-looking knife from God knows where and was weaving through the masses, leaving a trail of bodies in his wake. Through the flashes of gunfire, streams of blood, and sound of bodies hitting the floor, Knore could only relate the epic co-operation between the two to one thing: Straight up anime. Still, it was pretty awesome to see a real-life NELL specialist in action. Knore could point a gun and pull a trigger, sure, but Wisp was certainly a master of the blade. Purely awesome. Knore wasn’t doing so bad himself, especially with a coupla grenades he’d taken off of someone who “didn’t need them”. As they finished off the last of the group, Wisp came out from one of the tunnels, carrying his sword and leading the other two. With a quick nod from Wisp, they proceeded to the Boss’s room.

The green-haired chick quickly took the lead, with Wisp taking up the back. As they came to the relatively ornate door, it was sent flying off it’s hinges by a kick that probably required an immense amount of strength. The Boss was sitting in his chair, a cigar slowly slipping out of his mouth as a Swordsman, a Cold-Hearted :red:, and a Guy in a Hood waltzed through the door. A few moments later, they had the guy tied up, and were aboard a chopper. A few hours later, the four were standing in front of the Colonel’s desk.

“Alright, men. Good work out there today. Now, there’s something I need to discuss with you all, about reassignments. Knore, Jack, I’m transferring you to team Six: Hound. Sound good? Anyways, Beta and Wisp. I’d like to speak to you privately.”

Knore took this as his signal to leave, and promptly headed to his quarters, to get some sleep before figuring out where Team Six was. However, in the morning, there was a letter sitting next to his bed. Opening it, he curiously read over the contents.

“Agent Knore, after a talk with Agent Wisp, it has been hereby decided you are to join the elite group of the best agents around. Despite your lack of experience and low rank, Wisp maintained that you had potential, given that he was allowed to train you. We’ll be watching closely, so don’t disappoint us. Report to Hanger 9 immediately for transport to your new HQ. Beta and Wisp will be waiting for you there.

-Colonel L. Frog”

Knore was, of course, rather shocked by this news, but after quickly grabbing his coat and drawing up his hood, he packed a few personal items and ran out to the Hangers. He wouldn’t of ever expected Wisp to be the one to stand up for him, but oh well. Elite members probably got tons of special :red:, too, which sounded pretty great to him. Luckily he didn’t miss the flight, and soon he was off on the start of a new adventure.

The adventures of Knore and co. will hopefully be updated regularly, probably less often than the Tale of Wispy, though.
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