NPCs & Enemies Lihzahrd temple enemies.


Skeletron Prime
wow, two enemies....
that's REALLY lacking...

also: it is FAR too easy to speedrun through the temple by hugging the roof with wings and a grapple, so... why not have a caster?
similar to dungeon casters, but tries to slow you down.
fires a line of 12-14 bolts of energy that deal high damage (~120), they move straight but then try to avoid you. (oh and they also inflict confused)
Quickly made illustration:

what this horrible, literally-2-second illustration shows is how the bolts will act, they can still hit the player, unless they move backwards.
the casters themselves would have low hp and defense, 200 hp and 28 defense.
contact damage would be low as well, 60 damage.

Staff of Energy (needs better name)
80 base damage
~40% base crit chance?
inflicts confused, 33% chance.
"creates shy orbs of mysterious energies"
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