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Xbox One Local Multiplayer Crash upon p2 interacting w/anything


This bug first happened the day I downloaded Terraria (like two weeks ago), but was just once in a while. Relaunching the game was always a quick fix. Today, I tried several times, even restarted my xbox one, and it still crashed. I was a second player joining local multiplayer. I could run around, jump, attack, but the second I tried to open a chest/piggy bank, my inventory, or shop from a merchant, the game froze, loud buzzing ensued, and crash after about 10 seconds.


Hi, I have the same problem and it usually does not crash if P2 is ABSOLUTLEY still and not moving* at all. My brother does forget this sometimes and it does crash repeatedly.
*This includes moving to gravity, in water, and inertia from Hermes Boots or upgrades
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