PC Looking for a fresh start

As a big fan of Console terrarria, I grabbed the pc version from a humble bundle package, wanted to find some allies to start a fresh world with so i can get a feel for pc without getting slaughtered nightly.
I am totally down to play with you, I don't have a clue how to start a server but if you have one, I'm more than happy to join!
My steam name is: Kabar6
Profile pic is the same as the one on this forum :)
I'm new here...played terraria for less then one hour and looking for other steam players to play with...just add me on steam if u are looking for new players

steam name: Skitzo from Leiria/Portugal
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add me and after i accept you all you have to do is message me i will not host a server but i will play on one if you want maybe when i get my pi i will host a semi permanent server but until then we can just all play together add me on steam: haters_gonna_hate . and i believe its under wickedlyclownin and on skype its: XxCrysomemoarxX . i probably wont accept this until you add me on steam oh and im 20 if age matters to anyone
Darkness Gang1, you can feel free to add me aswell, I would like to find some people to play with aswell.

Edit: Ah yea, I'm Lornair on steam!
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