Xbox One Looking for Broken Hero Swords

Discussion in 'Terraria Shops' started by RevenantB, Jan 31, 2018.

  1. RevenantB

    RevenantB Terrarian

    Hi I'm looking for a few broken hero swords. I'm not exactly sure what would be considered a fair trade but I'm more than willing to strike up a deal.
  2. Nilla

    Nilla Terrarian

    Still looking for swords?
  3. RevenantB

    RevenantB Terrarian

    I most certainly am! I currently only need one since the new update.
  4. Nilla

    Nilla Terrarian

    You're in luck then. I have one left. I'll give it to you tomorrow. GT: vilavanilla
  5. Anonymous_Gamer YT

    Anonymous_Gamer YT Terrarian

    Yes I would like to be able to get broken hero swords as well but I have not gotten any after the new update for XBOX 1 and I have gone through 5 solar eclipse events and have killed many mothrons
    I have even used battle potions to spawn even more monsters to increase my chances of getting a broken hero sword and still have not gotten any
  6. Ash7598

    Ash7598 Terrarian

    if you still need one i have one i could trade