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Looking for friendly players (3-4 total)

Discussion in 'PC Quick Hookup' started by KatGivesLife, Aug 8, 2019.

  1. KatGivesLife

    KatGivesLife Terrarian

    I'm looking to start a new world with new characters and I want some people to play with! Ideally we could discord chat while we play so discord is a plus!

    -Normal, Corruption or Crimson is fine

    I want people who won't just zoom off and do their own thing or defeat some boss without the rest of us. Sharing is caring too with the life crystals. And no jumping worlds to grab other items (that would be unobtainable at that point, such as having The Axe when we are still pre-hardmode)

    My discord is KatGivesLife#3210 and my steam is Steam Community :: Kat Gives LIfe

    Quick Add: Steam Community
  2. AlruneIII

    AlruneIII Terrarian

    my discord: Omnissed#8144
  3. Zombiejesus907

    Zombiejesus907 Terrarian

    hello i would like to join
    i just sent u a discord invite
  4. Viggovits

    Viggovits Terrarian

    Hi. i would like to join and play. I am a semi new player so i am not a pro

    My discord is Viggovits#0894