PC Looking for help (Because I'm bad)


Doing an expert mode playthrough. Currently, with a Minishark, Meteor Shot, full Meteor armor, and the best accessories (Cloud in a Bottle, Frog Legs, Band of Regeneration, Shiny Red Balloon, Hermes Boots) I am somehow stuck on the Eye of Cthulhu. I shouldn't be, every thing points to me being able to beat the stupid thing, and yet I always get him down so damn low just get massacred at the last minute by the F*****NG charge attack! How do I kick this a***oles retina in?'

Seriously I've died like 7 times now I can't take losing so hard on the first freaking boss.
I personally would make an underground arena the size of your screen with platforms at least six blocks apart. If you can, gather some materials underground to upgrade your armor and while doing so, if anyhow you come over a Life Crystal use it and if you feel confident, save one for a Heart Lantern. Healing potions are recommended. Optional items are the grappling hook and a slime staff.

What I did when I beat the Eye of Cthulhu was use the Starfury sword which I found on the first floating island I came across. Good luck to your fight! :)

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