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Looking for legit players to help build map

Im looking for nice players to help me build a map
I will pay you with high powered legendary weapons
and wings for free so building be easier

IP address:

server port: 7777

Pass Word: 0100

note if you can't join then I'm not on
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Skeletron Prime
Your IP address is your internal router.

Go to google and type "whats my ip" and use that one. But given that you didn't know that, it's likely that it won't work, since your router isn't likely set up for you to do what you're trying to do. It might...but it also might not.

Don't know the difference? That's ok, most people don't. So just in case - the internal IP is given to your computer by your router (which may also be your modem). The external IP is the address given by your ISP. It'll look very different.

192.168.... is reserved for home internet connected devices.
10.8.... is reserved for business stuff within a company
There are others.


Skeletron Prime
I can see this isn't clear. Your router is a device, typically wireless, that gives all of your various devices the internet. Usually. I mean, there doesn't have to be internet to have a router. Just accept that you are using the wrong IP address.

It's easiest if you use your Steam ID, if you have one.


Skeletron Prime
Ok, I'll try this again.

The IP address beginning in 192.168 is reserved for home networks. It does NOT come from your ISP (internet service provider). Your internet IP will look very different.
So, for instance, my own IP address is also
All home networks look like that (maybe 192.168.1.xxx). It depends entirely on brand.
Go to Google, type "what's my ip". That's the IP you need to publish. And you definitely have a router. I can tell because you have no fewer than 13 devices on it. Phones, TVs, so forth.


Skeletron Prime
It helps to go to college, study networking, work in IT stuffs...and also be old. All of those are very useful together. In truth, you'd learn it all in about an hour if you just watched some Youtubes.


Skeletron Prime
Yep, sorry, you're not set up to be a host through your router. Basically all the traffic that gets pointed your way is just...dead. You'd need to forward the 7777 port to your specific IP on your router. Or play through Steam, hamachi, or other such software. It's not really overly complex, but it's not super obvious to someone who's never done it. Also, your router will have a password (likely it's going to be "admin/password").

If you type in to your browser, you'll get a log in screen to your router.

If you're brave...you can attempt the port forwarding (or DMZ if you're stupid and brave).


Skeletron Prime
Depends on the router. Like I said, it's not super obvious. I recommend figuring out what model router you have (go look at it), and look up a video on it. It's not hard, just...not obvious.


It's not hard, if you know what you're doing. But if you've never forwarded a port before, then it's a huge trip into unknown territory. And some, no, most people simply lack the knack for things like this. (There's no offense meant here; we all have our own unique skills. One is handy with computer networks, another can dismantle and put together car engines.)
Different modem/router brands all have their own configuration pages, some with really obscure and unclear settings pages for port forwarding.
Also, not really the case in my country, but some ISPs in some countries apparently don't allow you to change your modem configuration, so in that case you're forced to call their helpdesk.

This site might help:
Open Port
You'll need to find your modem/router brand and type in this list (and, if any, click the annoying ad away in the right corner after you've clicked on your modem).
The follow-up page should then help you out with screenshots and the like.

If you're already feeling overloaded by looking at that website's pages, I'd recommend not bothering and host games through Steam.
As an ex-IT support person, one thing I've learned is that computer configuration is not for everyone. You either have some natural knack for it, or you're hopelessly lost.


Skeletron Prime
You can also use Hamachi. It's good software. Basically it makes a new network ON your network (by using your PC and a server they host) so that others can connect easily. You can have up to 5 connections (so 4 friends). I used that for the longest time, before Steam also made it easier.
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