PC Looking for people for Fresh (EU, Preferably)

Discussion in 'Quick Hookup' started by SpindlyBaton98, Aug 19, 2015.

  1. SpindlyBaton98

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    Hi Terrarians

    I'm looking for some EU/British people to do a fresh normal run as classes (Restricting ourselfs to a specific damage type out of the four main ones) with me. I have had the idea for a while, and wanted to do this but with others so then it's a bit more fun. For the class i will be playing as, i will be a Mage (I already created my character, only thing i did was grab a wand of sparkling so i have a starting weapon).

    If anyone is interested, my steam profile is http://steamcommunity.com/id/SpindlyBaton98 . I'd prefer the use of a microphone so then the communication is easier. I'm currently using Teamspeak to chat (As in, i create a channel in the public server with a password), i've not really liked Skype as much as everyone esle has, i've been having internet issues on there as in i can barely hear anybody and i'm more prone to disconnections more times so, yeah.

    Anyone interested?
  2. SpindlyBaton98

    SpindlyBaton98 Terrarian

    Before i forget, the reason i only want EU/British people with me on this is because i have had experience connecting to people from countrys that are not near the UK or in EU region and it was laggy as hell, almost every thing was delayed for me. So i don't want to take that risk again (Not blaming anyone here, just the way connections work).