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Xbox One Looking for players with an Xbox one

M015TY B0Y

Duke Fishron
While you may have meant this in jest, comments like these aren't allowed here. Please read our Rules and User Guide (links in my sig) and abide by our culture of mutual respect :)
Sorry, was only a joke, i guess sarcasm doesn't show up through text...

Aspire Clears

What's up terrarians. Thanks to everyone who has sent me a friend request and joined. Hosting a hardcore survival message Aspire Clears to join...


Gt Bigtubbyslim. Pre-hardmode. Would love to play with someone and wouldn't mind a little extra help with wall of flesh. Haven't attemted to battle it yet but can't be too cautious.


Onizero713 I play both xbox 360 and I just started my one account. If anyone is on and can hook a terrarian up with some upgrades I would gladly help out on your world.

Sgt Durbs

Sgt Durbs is my GT. I enjoy to play but also like to build things. Message or friend me if you are interested. Thanks!


Gt crazybob42099. I am also looking for player to play with. If anyone wants to play send me a message on the xbox one. I am on my Xbox off and on all day. Just send a message and I will play with you.
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