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PC Looking for some chill people to play with

Discussion in 'Quick Hookup' started by Lagdroth, Jan 11, 2018.

  1. Lagdroth

    Lagdroth Terrarian

    Wanna make a small, expert mode world with no mods/cheats. Play through it, Make some cool bases, farm bosses, collect a bunch of cool stuff and overall just have a good time doing what Terraria's all about. I'm generally a pretty chill dude and am looking for some like-minded people who I can play with who won't grief/troll me to a point where I lose my cool. I was thinking we could each have our own personal chests as well as communal chests so we aren't always fighting over loot. We keep any money/gear/materials we come upon and then whatever we don't want/need we drop in the communal chests. When it gets to a point where one of us aren't sure what to do next, we help each other out and if we all are stuck, we figure it out as a team. By the way, I live in Canada and usually get online at around 12pm Central time. If you'd be interested and fit the description, let me know down below. I look forward to creating new friendships with you, sorry if the description was a bit long but I wanted to make sure I got all my points/expectations across. My Steam name is Lagdroth and my Discord is Lagdroth#5062.

    P.S. I'd prefer it if you had Discord. I find it a bit of a pain to have to type in in-game chat all the time.
  2. PandaBro

    PandaBro Terrarian

    I have a discord and im 16 and im looking for someone to play terraria with so if its ok we can hang and play terraria? For more information about me, we'll talk on discord