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PS4 Looking to trade for a blindfold, Nazar, Bezoar or Vitamins. I have other parts for the Ankh charm.

Olly B


This is my first post to this forum so sorry if I have posted this to the wrong place.
I am looking for a Blindfold, Nazar, Bezoar and Vitamins to finish my Ankh shield as RNG really hates me.
I have to trade...
3 X trifold maps
2 X adhesive bandages
2 X fast clocks

I also have two other things which don't contribute to the Ankh shield but I know are fairly rare drops so someone may want to trade.
2 x moon charm
2 X bone wand

If there is something else you would like feel free to ask as I may have it.

My PSN is piemister.

Cheers everyone!

Olly B

Thanks to all the people who offered to help out, I have my Ankh shield now.
If anyone still wants to trade for anything I have listed above just let me know :)
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