Majora's Mask Randomiser

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    I thought I would share this amongst other terrarians who like zelda, mainly Majora's Mask, the Majora's Mask Randomiser is a rom hack of Majora's Mask made by a speedrunner by the name of DeathBasket, what it does is randomise the majority of the game.

    You can see the thread for the hack here:

    A video I found that explains the hack a bit.

    This hack was made for other speedrunners to pass the time on, it is not for the faint of heart, it is advised to have played majora's mask beforehand, and at least know a couple of the games well known glitches.

    So yeah, made by a speedrunner, for speedrunners, but non speedrunners can still find fun in the hack.

    When you first make a file and load it, instead of starting off with link getting deku'd by skullkid and having to do the whole deku part of the game, it skips that, it starts you in the clocktower as human link, with the ocarina of time already in your inventory, and the song of time already known. Also Link is in a Purple Tunic instead of the usual green tunic.

    Your file name is your seed, having the same filename for multiple playthroughs will give the same items on those playthroughs.

    Wallets are bigger, The kid wallet now has a max of 250 rupees(the video says 200 but it's 250), the adult wallet now has a max of 500 and the giants wallet now has a max of 999.

    There are some essential items that are not randomised, these include the following items.

    Small Bomb Bag(20 Bombs, the big and biggest bomb bag are randomised however)
    Lens of Truth(Required to get the goron mask)
    Mirror Shield
    Zora Eggs(because New Wave Bossa Nova)
    Kotake's Red Potion

    Songs, Heart Pieces and Tingle Maps are also not random.

    Bottle Items(Not including zora eggs which are essential) can only be other bottle items, like bottling bugs can get you chateau romani.

    Some chests and cutscenes will show you getting the same item as in regular majoras mask, but it's likely not the actual item you got, look through your inventory after the chest/cutscene ends.

    The 3 main transformation masks(Deku, Goron, Zora) are random amongst eachother.

    If you do decide to play it, then have fun! Oh and may RNGesus be with you. :p

    An example of what the randomiser can do, heres a playthrough I did with the seed "Nageru"

    Item in normal MM -----> What randomiser gave me

    (Obtained Items in Playthrough - in the order I got them)
    Deku Mask -----> Goron Mask
    Kafei Mask -----> Hero's Bow
    Bremen Mask -----> Hookshot
    Moon's Tear -----> Ice Arrows
    Room Key -----> Pictograph Box
    Deku Stick -----> Kafei Mask
    Deku Nuts(1) -----> Letter to Kafei
    Goron Mask -----> Zora Mask
    Blast Mask -----> Gibdo Mask
    Bomber's Notebook -----> Bomber's Notebook
    Kamaro's Mask -----> Circus Leader's Mask
    Zora Mask -----> Deku Mask
    Deku Nuts(10) -----> Couples Mask
    Magic Beans -----> Kokiri Sword
    Big Bomb Bag -----> Moon's Tear
    Land Title Deed -----> Magic Beans
    Adult Wallet -----> All Night Mask
    Powder Keg -----> Don Gero's Mask
    Hero's Shield -----> Powder Keg
    Hookshot -----> Stone Mask
    Great Fairy Mask -----> Bremen Mask
    Bunny Hood -----> Pendant of Memories
    Garo's Mask -----> Postman's Hat
    Large Quiver -----> Largest Quiver
    Letter to Kafei -----> Giant's Wallet
    Ice Arrow -----> Light Arrow
    Keaton Mask -----> Deku Stick
    Special Delivery to Mama -----> Mask of Truth
    Fire Arrow -----> Room Key
    Pictograph Box -----> Keaton Mask
    Stone Mask -----> Fire Arrow
    Giant's Wallet -----> Great Fairy Sword
    Romani Mask -----> Ocean Title Deed
    Gibdo Mask -----> Blast Mask
    Captain's Hat -----> Captain's Hat
    Hero's Bow -----> Great Fairy Mask
    Razor Sword -----> Gilded Sword
    Light Arrow -----> Big Bomb Bag
    Giant's Mask -----> Romani Mask
    Great Fairy Sword -----> Giant's Mask
    Biggest Bomb Bag -----> Special Delivery to Mama
    Postman's Hat -----> Hero's Shield
    Mask of Scents -----> Razor Sword
    Gilded Sword -----> Land Title Deed
    Swamp Title Deed -----> Swamp Title Deed
    Mountain Title Deed -----> Large Quiver
    Largest Quiver -----> Bunny Hood
    Circus Leader's Mask -----> Kamaro's Mask
    All Night Mask -----> Biggest Bomb Bag
    Pendant of Memories -----> Mountain Title Deed
    Ocean Title Deed -----> Deku Nuts
    Couples Mask -----> Fierce Deity Mask
    Don Gero's Mask -----> Garo's Mask
    Feirce Deity Mask -----> Mask of Scents

    (Items I didnt get, but are no doubt the item by default)
    Mask of Truth -----> Adult Wallet (It was the one item I never got)

    (Bottled Items I found - Doesn't include all bottled items)
    Fish -----> Hot Spring Water
    Bugs -----> Chateau Romani
    Spring Water -----> Big Poe
    Red Potion -----> Gold Dust
    Green Potion -----> Seahorse
    Milk -----> Spring Water
    Seahorse -----> Green Potion
    Fairy -----> Blue Potion
    Hot Spring Water -----> Deku Princess
    Deku Princess -----> Milk
    Big Poe -----> Bugs
    Magic Mushroom -----> Fish
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  2. Awesomness

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    Majora's Mask = Best Zelda Game EVER
  3. Terra McCloud

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    and this is a randomiser for it.

    I have been doing my own playthrough of it, I named the filename I played Nageru ( @ppowersteef )
    This means my RNG seed is Nageru.

    On my profile page I posted all the stuff RNG gave me so far... and I am still looking for the fire arrows...
  4. Bucket

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    Um... I think I will get this. This is amazing :eek:
  5. Awesomness

    Awesomness Terrarian

    i need to play that version it looks awesome
  6. ppowersteef

    ppowersteef Paladin

    Havn't played majoras mask for a while, this will get me back to it, lewl
  7. Bucket

    Bucket Terrarian

    I've never used Homebrew before. Do I use the .rom file, the .wad file, or both? o-o

    EDIT - Anticipation is killing me, tried to figure it out on my own but I cant! D:
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  8. Terra McCloud

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    Well you can either get the rom and use it with Project 64(an emulator) and be forced to use either a keyboard or a usb controller.(the rom file is for that)

    Or you can get Homebrew and a WAD loader onto your Wii and load the Wad file to your Wii that way, which lets you play it with a GC controller. :p

    Theres plenty of tutorials on the web, I just looked them up with a search engine.

    Just be careful while you do it, you don't want to brick your wii.
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  9. Bucket

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    An emulator would make me feel bad and lag a lot, so do you know of any good WAD loaders? I just got homebrew yesterday so I don't really know much about it, as I said.
  10. Terra McCloud

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    yeah look up "wii yawmm"

    thats the wad manager I used.
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  11. Bucket

    Bucket Terrarian

    You've helped me out so much so far, so thank you, very much. However, I'm so bad at this and need help installing Wii YAWMM. I looked around and couldn't find any guides.
  12. Terra McCloud

    Terra McCloud The Destroyer

    The playthrough I have been doing right now(Seed = Nageru) I found out yesterday that I can't 100% it because big poe gave me bugs.

    Turns out it doesn't matter anyway, doing swamp spider house would've gotten me the adult wallet.
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  13. ppowersteef

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    I tried the ROM file with project 64, I don't mind the controls as I'm used to it.
    but I keep getting a black screen [​IMG]

    EDIT: nevermind, I downloaded the 2.0 version of PJ64 and setted the memory on 8 mb.

    I'm going for the 'Steef' seed.


    Deku Mask > Goron mask
    Bremen Mask > Kafei's Mask
    Kafei's Mask > Blast Mask
    Blast Mask > Fire Arrow
    Kamaro's Mask > Ice Arrow (in a ice place, fitting)
    Big Bomb Bag > Deku Stick
    Deku Stick > Hookshot
    Deku Nuts > Mask of Truth
    Hylian Shield > Bombers Notebook
    Bombers Notebook > Giant Wallet
    Moons Tear > Pictograph box
    Deku nut (1) > Magic Bean
    Powder Keg > Land title deed
    Pictograph box > Bremen Mask
    Bunny Hood > Couple Mask
    Magic Beans > Gilded Sword
    Zora Mask > Deku Mask
    Big Wallet > Letter to Kafei (Well, bye bye item that has replaced couple mask)
    Great Fairy Mask = Gibdo Mask
    Room Key > Room Key
    Hero's Bow > Stone Mask
    Letter to Kafei > Deku Nut
    All Night Mask > Giant Mask

    Bottle Items:
    Fairy > Bug
    Bug > Magical mushroom
    Blue potion > Green Potion
    Green potion > Hot Springwater
    Fish > Deku Princess
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  14. Terra McCloud

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    Well if you always want, if you are playing the emulator version you can use a USB controller, I find a controller is needed for ISG and the Bomb/Bombchu hovers.
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  15. SolaR

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    These randomizers are taking over the internet
  16. Terra McCloud

    Terra McCloud The Destroyer

    Heres the Zinc Seed so far... I have been saving it on a word document. I will update it as I progress.

    Deku Mask -----> Goron Mask
    Deku Nuts(1) -----> Biggest Bomb Bag
    Kafei Mask -----> Kamaro's Mask
    Deku Stick -----> Great Fairy Mask
    Pictograph Box -----> Big Bomb Bag
    Room Key -----> Kafei Mask
    Powder Keg -----> Deku Nuts(1)
    Hero's Shield -----> Don Gero's Mask
    Zora Mask -----> Deku Mask
    Deku Nuts(10) -----> Land Title Deed
    Bremen Mask -----> Room Key
    Great Fairy Mask -----> Keaton Mask
    Stone Mask -----> Light Arrow
    Blast Mask -----> Deku Stick
    Letter to Kafei -----> Romani's Mask
    Goron Mask -----> Zora Mask
    Gibdo Mask -----> Hero's Bow
    Adult Wallet -----> Giant's Mask
    Hookshot -----> Ice Arrows
    Moon's Tear -----> Moon's Tear
    Magic Beans -----> Deku Nuts(10)
    Captain's Hat -----> Great Fairy Sword
    Bomber's Notebook -----> Kokiri Sword
    Light Arrow -----> Bremen Mask
    Hero's Bow -----> Gibdo Mask
    Kamaro's Mask -----> Fire Arrow
    Keaton Mask -----> Blast Mask
    Special Delivery to Mama -----> Couple's Mask
    Big Bomb Bag -----> Hookshot
    Giant's Wallet -----> Magic Beans
    Mask of Truth -----> All Night Mask
    Great Fairy Sword -----> Fierce Deity Mask
    Giant's Mask -----> Adult Wallet
    Ice Arrows -----> Stone Mask
    Razor Sword -----> Captain's Hat
    Bunny Hood -----> Letter to Kafei

    Red Potion -----> Red Potion
    Bugs -----> Chateau Romani
    Fish -----> Fish
    Hot Spring Water -----> Spring Water
    Fairy -----> Magic Mushroom
    Blue Potion -----> Bugs
    Green Potion -----> Milk(duped bottles)
    Spring Water -----> Big Poe
    Milk -----> Gold Dust
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  17. ppowersteef

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    Unable to get a bow, And unable to do the bomb hover glitch.
    I believe I'm stuck :/ I've tried to get every Item I can remember, but currently, I can't go anywhere without Bow, Zora Mask (which requires the bow to break off the icycle).

    So yeah, I believe the steef seed is not doable without bomb hover glitching [​IMG]
  18. Terra McCloud

    Terra McCloud The Destroyer

    you can always try the goron bomb boost over the wall to great bay, unless you did that already.
  19. ppowersteef

    ppowersteef Paladin

    Well, I've done that to get the Zora -> Deku Mask, and also at Ikaya Canyon, but I'm not able to either cross the river (missing Ice Arrows) or defeating the Massive Skeleton (forgot his name).
  20. Terra McCloud

    Terra McCloud The Destroyer

    Ugh well I am mad now... I crashed the game by trying to move the warp cursor while index warping... and I had the best damn cycle I have ever had... got fierce deity mask from the stone tower great fairy, beat twinmold without giant's mask, beat gyorg after... then I tried to index warp just before I was done with the cycle and crashed the game...


    EDIT: on top of also getting double defense...