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    There's just one thing that bugs me about the Cell Phone.
    Yes, it may display 'everything', but why not add more features to make it worth the grind.

    So, here's the new features.

    The ability to call other players.
    When you get a cell phone for the first time, you will be assigned a random number. When calling another player, it could function like steam's voice chat system, except ingame, and you can be in singleplayer or on a big server, and your friend could be chilling in his personal world.

    The ability to text other players.
    This allows you to virtually text players, not just from your friends list, and able to do it ingame. I'd only find it useful when you both aren't in the same session and dont want to constantly click out of the game to say only a few words.

    A built-in wiki.
    I'd find it SUPER USEFUL to have an ingame wiki, as I'm sure a lot of us are also tired of clicking out of the game and digging through the actual wiki itself.

    A custom YouTube?
    The biggest feature, maybe the ability to watch Terrarians play the game live, and watch their own gameplays. Without that pesky, buggy broadcast feature in steam. 'YouTerraria'

    Why not? I find it awfully boring after you're endgame, got nothing to do after you take down Moon Lord and got everything you want, so why not add a TV network. That could be shows, comics, and animated stories (revive the :red: literature section, please..).. and more!

    Custom Apps
    This would serve as an option to extend the abilities of your phone for the cost of your coin. Such as instead of the shiny marks for treasure, it could turn into an infinate spelunker potion, etc.

    Don't want all the features at once? I feel like it gets somewhat distracting when building and in combat.. so why not add settings to turn it off. Also for ringtones for texts and calls, etc. Also options to turn off streams (off by default, can be turned on).

    Did I do good?
  2. Jetstream ∞

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    It's definitely worth it as of now in my opinion.
    We already have that, it's called Steam. Or Skype. Both function better. And if Terraria had an unnecessary feature like this, it should NOT require the Cell Phone.
    How would you manage to text a player who isn't on your friends list? And would this even be possible? And you'd still have to pull up some sort of contacts list or reply menu, so there really is no advantage over the regular Steam chat or Skype here.
    So are the devs just gonna copy and paste the whole wiki?
    Steam Broadcasting isn't pesky or buggy. Last 2 months I've used it, the feature worked flawlessly.
    That's called TCF and youtube though. And if this were to be implemented, it should NEVER require such a hard to obtain item.
    No, we already have a pet item for that and the Cell Phone already identifies rare ores in the first place. And the Cell Phone already provides plenty of information.
    I actually agree with this one, excluding the whole ringtone thing. I think it would be wonderful to toggle them on and off.
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    Steam, TCF, the wiki, and youtube already cover all this.

    Also, you can already toggle information off and on. Just open your inventory and right click on the little info icons of the things you don't want shown.
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    This is amazing thank you I was unaware of this as well
  5. Hax4Ever

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    Terraria isn't supposed to be realistic.
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  6. Pirtz

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    Maybe teleporting from player to player ala wormhole potion would be a welcome addition.
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