Member-Run Contest Man, we need some really good NPC houses, there just aren't many.

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Alright everyone, I was making houses for my NPCs the other day, and I go to look up a template for a Party Girl house and MAN they are bad. Like bad. REALLY BAD. Honestly this is the best one
I found:
and though it is good, I am kinda looking for some thing that screams
. So I was hoping that some of you all had some good ideas or NPC houses already built! So here is my Idea. I am going to give everyone the opportunity to submit their NPC houses for a compilation! The best three houses for each NPC and my personal picks will be put in a compilation world! Now here is the kicker. NO BOXES. Boxes are very unoriginal and not aesthetic at all. I know noone likes a box house, so we will hopefully see some great and creative NPC houses here shortly! Now I am also throwing it out there for those of you whom have not yet started and need inspiration. These themes go VERY well with these NPCs:

Wood: Guide
Glass: Nurse
Meteorite: Mechanic
Boreal Wood: Merchant
Living Wood: Dryad
Dynasty Wood: Dye Trader
Lihzahrd or Honey: Witch Doctor
Spooky Wood and Rune Wall: Wizard
Steampunk: Steampunker (Duh)
Martian: Cyborg
Blue Dungeon/Bone: Clothier
Ebonwood and Shadewood: Demolitionist and Arms Dealer
Glowing Mushroom: Truffle
Gold: Pirate
Marble: Tax Collector
Palm Wood: Angler
Ice/Frozen: Santa Claus
Granite/Obsidian: Goblin
Pearlwood/Rainbow Brick/Gemspark: Party Girl
Green Dungeon Brick: Painter
Pink Dungeon Brick: Stylist

These are the themes that I personally have found go really well with these NPCs.

Basic and Easy Rules:
If a question: Please indicate question at the top of the post. Then ask and I will get back to you as soon as possible!
If an entry: Please post entry at the top, as well as a screenshot (Or screenshots if multiple houses), and a link to the world file, as well as the NPCs that you have homes for on this world. If you are submitting 2 or more worlds, please post the worlds in separate posts for ease of download. I went to get a world once and there were 8 or 9 files and I grabbed the wrong one once. Had to go back again to get it.

In about a month (Probably about July 4th,) I will be taking the worlds and be making a voting system for the winners. The best 3 for each NPC as well as my personal favorite, if not one selected, will be featured in a compilation world that has all of the houses that placed, all of my personal picks, and possibly a secret. The voting will last for about a week, and on the 11th, I shut down voting, announce the winners, and begin making the compilation world. The compilation world will take about 3 days to make, so expect it on July 14th. Spread the word guys! This is gonna be a very bad competition if noone participates!
Twenty two NPCs, possibly hundreds of entries, 66-88 winners, one could be you.
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I got some houses where I've worked for, but now I look back at it, I think I could have made it better.

I'll probably participate, but not yet since I don't have an outstanding entry.
I'll definitely participate in this, though it'll have to wait til I get off work.

I'd make it with 1.3.1 stuff but am currently exploring the modded community so I'm in atm. Do you have a preference?

Also, I usually follow a general theme for all npc's (as in, I don't usually make a different style for each. Is that a problem?
Dont worry about it @BloodyFingers23 as long as you do not use modded content in the houses so as to allow everyone to use your builds, you should be fine! The house themes for the NPCs is just a suggestion. It is there to give inspiration to other builders that are having builder's block. Feel free to build and submit whatever you want! Just as I said, try to avoid modded items in the builds.
Yes, that is the point of this. If you have private builds, just pm me the world and a screenshot of the building you want displayed, and I will put the building on a different world using TEdit. If not, just put a screenshot of the building being submitted as well as the world file in a post.

Put the remainder of your post here.



Put screenshot of build here
Put what NPC this house is for here
Put a small description here (optional)
Put world file attachment here


for the Demolitionist


for the Stylist
a cute little hair salon, complete with barber pole! (the pole is not my original idea)


for the Witch Doctor
a fishing house with a custom tree growing inside. the platform flooring makes it convenient for fishing up jungle fish.


for Engineer
actuated blocks make the house nice and safe, and the lava trap takes care of mobs. has a "workshop" on the lower level.


for Pirate/Steampunker
a flying pirate ship/dirigible! the steam engine in the back provides propulsion, or it would if it weren't anchored to the nearby village


for the Goblin Tinkerer
he's not a big fan of humans, but he's willing to help you with your gear... for a price.


for the Angler
a nice lakeside home with a nice porch to fish from.


for the Dye Trader
I was trying to be all thematic with the descriptions, but this one is pretty typical I think.


for the Truffle
a mushroom hill. not much more to be said.



for the Dryad
two versions of the same house. I like the design, but one is on a cliff to show off a little bit more of the roots. also, I'm unsure whether I like the vine ropes.


for the Mage
it's a mage tower in the clouds! it also works as a base of opperations, with the bed, and crafting stations.


for the Cyborg
a high tech UFO complete with tractor beam, and transporter pad!

Thanks to Jirachi for consolidating all the designs to one world for easy download and viewing. :)

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So I just realized, any world I make isn't going to work (or at least, isn't going to load properly) on 1.3.1, because the mod I'm using is a standalone mod and has it's own worlds. This wouldn't be a problem if I hadn't been a derp and backed up my vanilla terraria. I won't be able to reinstall terraria til next week at the earliest :/ Sorry to say, but I'm going to have to withdraw from this contest. Lesson learned :p :(
I feel pretty dang honored you put my party girl abode as #1 :D thanks! I might participate if I can come up with something new from the NPC houses I've already built. Good contest idea!
It really was a grand piece, and honestly the others were very VERY bad. Most of them were pearlwood houses, big disco balls in the sky made of rainbow brick (that frankly were not very expandable...) and... dare I say it, BOXES :eek::dryadeek::merchanteek::nurseeek:~:eek:':eek::nymph:. They were bad, but yours actually was great. I look forward to seeing everyone's entries. Remember, Deadline is the 4th of July!
I just realised how to uninstall the mod I have and make it vanilla again :D so I'll be reentering the contest. Unfortunately I won't have internet til the end of the week at least. Is it ok if I go ahead and upload screenshots and then edit later with a link?

Who lives there? well, i like my witchdoc in there, but the dryad fits really well here too.

its supposed to be a completely overgrown jungleshrine, part of a jungle city (duh :D), too bad that there are no mudwalls :C


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