Manual Vine Growth

How should the vines grow upside down?

  • 3 blocks a second using flower boots

  • To full length upon touching them using flower boots

  • Using a staff of regrowth on grass grows by 1 block a use

  • A different way (comment it)

  • Not at all, I do not support this idea

  • Using a staff of regrowth fully grows the vine

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The flower boots currently don't do anything when gravity is flipped. So, I suggest that they grow vines while on the ceiling. There are a few ways of doing concepts for how you might do this. 1: The boots would grow them to 1 block at first, then 3 blocks a second of vine until full growth is reached. 2: Vines would fully grow upon contact with the boots. 3: The staff of regrowth grows the vine 1 block each time it touches grass. 4: The staff of regrowth fully grows the vine upon use.

Vines can make a build, and this would allow much easier growth of them.
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I didn't know how much I wanted this until now.

The only thing that could make this better is being able to stop vine growth at any point (at least I'm pretty sure you can't right now without using blocks) or vote more than one option in the poll
I like these ideas, but flower boots growing vines with flipped gravity sounds like too much, especially since you'd need a Gravitation Potion or Gravity Globe, one of which is limited and the other an endgame item. Staff of Regrowth sounds better, and I'm kinda leaning towards the 1 block at a time suggestion because I like my vines at a certain length and it's kinda hard to cut em
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