Merge kill counts in the bestiary for enemies that have multiple entries

Cave wizard

There are several enemies that have many different entries in the bestiary despite having the same text and drops. Trying to actually complete the bestiary is a horribly grindy task, even compared to any other grinding in the game. Some examples:
Ten different scarecrows, meaning you would need at minimum 500 kills to fill in their entries. Realistically much higher. Made worse by how they only spawn during a few waves, and primarily the ones that end very quickly.
At least four regular skeletons, and many variations such as the three Halloween skeletons.
Eight different zombies, as well as three zombie elves, three Halloween zombies and two Christmas zombies. At least these are fairly easy to grind.
Voodoo demons and regular demons. Somewhat different because they have different drops, but they do share a banner.
Tons of enemies in the dungeon, in particular the hardmode casters which all have two variations.
Six hornets, not including the separate moss hornet.
Giant and regular antlion chargers and swarmers.
Giant and regular fungi bulb.
Six demon eyes.
Four present slimes.
The three different pigrons.

How I propose that it should work: All the enemies I just listed share their kill count when it comes to unlocking their banner. The same should be true for unlocking bestiary information. If I kill five of each scarecrow, fill in the entire bestiary page for all of them.
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