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    The Metal Biome Mod is a WIP, but it is a mod about robots 20170924175330_1.jpg

    there is not much content at the moment
    Right now there is:
    1 Tile
    7 NPCs, Including a WIP Town NPC, And some Unobtainable
    5 Items, And some Unobtainable

    Hardmode support (only 2 items so far, 1 unobtainable)
    New way to obtain Hardmode item
    More content (Clearly)
    Finish town npc, and add a second
    add bosses
    add structures
    add weapons
    Seal biome off from the rest of the world until molten pickaxe is obtained
    More modders
    More rapid spawns, to the point of an invasion playthough (only in the biome (also explains why enemys are weak))
    Open Source

    I most likely discontinued this mod because I got useless texture errors that don't even make sense, because it worked before, and I spent like 30 minutes looking at spelling, code, and location, and none of those are errored

    Quethed, for most of the mod
    Zoidthegamer 2, for Super Blaster 2.0

    1: Unzip File
    2: Move MetalBiome.tmod to Documents/My Games/Terraria/ModLoader/Mods/
    Then it should work

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