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Resolved [MOBILE] how can I change NPC in the rooms?

Discussion in 'Mobile In-Game Support' started by elDiablo, Jan 13, 2018.

  1. elDiablo

    elDiablo Terrarian

    how can I change NPC in the rooms?
  2. Chris6561

    Chris6561 Terrarian

    There's no easy way to change which NPCs occupy which houses like on PC.

    A solution for this on mobile is to invalidate all houses from the map by removing all light sources from those houses, and then house all available NPCs in temporary houses. Ensure that there are no excess valid houses. Then, remove the light source of the temporary house occupied by a chosen NPC. This will allow that NPC to occupy a different house once a light source is placed in a previously invalidated house. Once that particular NPC has occupied the correct house, repeat with all other NPCs.

    It's probably useful to know what validates a house, how many valid houses you have in your world and how many NPCs you can potentially house. So long as only one NPC is in flux (is in your world but doesn't have a house to move into), you can choose or create a house for that particular NPC.

    This probably only applies for cosmetic reasons (ie. having NPCs match with their specifically designed rooms) but if not, you could always set up teleporters in each NPC's house and link it to a teleporter placed where you want them to be (temporarily), probably for heals or quick purchases.
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  3. elDiablo

    elDiablo Terrarian

    damn it, I find the mobile version needs an update,
    i miss some pc features; minimap, slots for pet, climbing hook , option for changing the npc rooms ....