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Hello everybody. Today ive got a pop up message that Yutpan want to settle down but ive searched on forums and i didnt found the npc that is able to have this name. I have all pre hardmode npcs and hardmode ( wizard, steampunker, the truffle, pirate)


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Skeletron Prime
So why he just wont move in if i have 2 suitable houses?
I'm guessing you mean the rooms above the angler and clothier. Those aren't valid houses; here are the requirements, according to the wiki - green for requirements those rooms have met, red for requirements not met.

A house must be fully enclosed:
  • The side walls (vertical blocks) can be made of Blocks, Doors, Platforms or Tall Gates.
  • The floor and ceiling (horizontal blocks) can be made of blocks, Trap Doors or Platforms. The whole floor cannot be made of platforms.
  • The NPC needs at least one solid (non-platform) block to stand on at night. These blocks may not be directly adjacent to either of the 2 side walls of the house.
A house must have at least one entrance, which can be a Door or Tall Gate in a side wall, a Trap Door in the ceiling or floor, a Platform in the ceiling, floor, or side walls.

Including the frame (floor, side walls, and ceiling), a House must have at least 60 total tiles, but less than 750.

Here are the most applicable changes to meet the minimum dimension requirements for those rooms:
  • The room above the angler is currently 7x8 including the frame. Make the room 1 block taller for 7x9.
  • The room above the clothier is currently 6x8 including the frame. Make the room 2 blocks taller for 6x10; 1 block taller and 1 block wider for 7x9; or 2 blocks wider for 8x8.
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