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Resolved [Mobile] Mods?

Grumpy Squid

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No, it's not possible, and mods are currently not permitted on mobile or console platforms as of right now.

Effective upon Mobile 1.3 release, August 27, 2019

This applies to the 1.3 (PC equivalent) update to the mobile Terraria app (Android version and beyond, iOS version and beyond, Amazon version (t.b.d.) and beyond).
For versions of the mobile app that do not get updated for any reason, the previous policies are still applicable in full.

Beginning with the 1.3 Mobile Terraria update from DR Studios, data files from the Terraria app (worlds, players) will be fully accessible to users via standard mobile file explorer apps. A primary reason for this is to allow users to make backups of their worlds and characters to connected PCs or cloud services as a cautionary measure against data corruption and loss. [Examples and instructions for backing up your data is covered here. link] This also leads to the possibility of sharing world and character files between members (i.e., to share interesting builds, to share adventure maps, etc.) What follows is the updated policy of what we will and will not permit to be posted/uploaded to Terraria Community Forums (TCF).

What is permitted:

You may share unaltered copies of world (.wld) and player (.plr) files in forum posts. By "unaltered", we mean files that have not been created or changed in any way outside of the official released mobile Terraria app obtained from official app stores.

Links to sites that host such files from multiple sources are discouraged, where we cannot account for the sources or content. Such links may be removed by forum staff at their discretion.

Disclaimer: Using world and player files shared by others is completely at your own risk. Re-Logic/505Games/DR Studios cannot be responsible for issues or possible damage to your device resulting from using shared files.
What is NOT permitted:
  • You may NOT share any world or player files that have been otherwise altered in any way. This includes files that have been altered by inventory editors, map editors, hex editors, hacked/cracked versions of Terraria, or any external/3rd party programs.
  • You may NOT share or link to any program/app that is designed to alter world or player files, or to otherwise "mod" the mobile version in any way. This includes (but is not limited to): inventory editors, map editors, mods/cheat engines, and so-called 'trainers'. There may come a time in the future that some vetted and approved methods for doing these things are available, but for now there are none.
  • You may NOT share or link to any unofficial, cracked, or otherwise modified versions of the Mobile Terraria app, or any resource file required for the app. This includes texture packs and wavebanks, for the time being.
  • You may NOT describe how to modify your mobile app or data files, or link to such descriptions hosted elsewhere. Also, do NOT post/link images that depict mobile modifications including (but not limited to): "super stacks" of items, "exclusive" items from previous versions of the mobile version that were not converted/replaced by updating, items/features from future planned updates, items from modded versions of the game.
  • Above all, you may NOT upload or link to any 'alternate' versions of the Mobile Terraria game to the forum (APK's, IPA's, etc.). Doing so is in violation of our policies regarding piracy, and doing so may result in the termination of your forum privileges. This includes any pre-1.3 version of the app.


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Why then pc is allowed🤨
Console and mobile platforms forbid modding due to the companies that own the platforms. There is no choice but to follow the policies of companies such as Sony, Microsoft and Apple. It is out of anyone's control. Modding is only allowed on PC because Re Logic has full control of the platform on PC and they want to permit it on PC. If the policies of the other console/mobile companies were different it would be one thing and mods on other platforms could be considered. Right now however, we must also uphold the policies that console and mobile manufacturers implement.
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