Mobile Mobile Terraria Pets Not Spawning

Frayed Gamer

After the most recent update were the developers fixed the frost hydra not spawning I noticed that some of the pets are not spawning for example The Seedling,Tiki mask and the lizard don't spawn so please can you fix this bug please
I have the same problem with my dinosaur and skeleton head
[doublepost=1466755996,1466755909][/doublepost]And it's an aesthetic bug Annoying,but aesthetic
Someone else has reported a similar bug with the baby truffle - can you confirm if that one works for you?
I have noticed this bug too. Thought it was just my device. Guess not. So far I've noticed the yarn that spawns the black kitty and bone key not working. Haven't tried others.
Ok, so far the broken pets include
-black cat
-bone key
-tiki mask

if you encounter any more don't forget to post. It would also be good if someone could confirm they're broken on all devices.
they are broken for now on all devices. i believe somebody said some of the holiday pets work. such as the cupid and elf? but on ios they dont work as of now. will be fixed soon im guessing.
On iOS and from what I've seen the working pets are the console and mobile exclusive pets. I'll examine further as I only tested on two mobi/cons pets.
So I decided to try and spawn two pets. One that's available in all platforms and one that is a mobile exclusive.


I spawned in a mobile pet, which seems to be working, but if you look at my inventory, you can see that I have a nectar, a pet summoning item that can be found on all devices that can be found by killing the Queen Bee.
I used the Nectar whilst the worm is still active. The worm vanished, without the hornet pet spawning.
Then I tried again, but the hornet failed to spawn. I restarted the game, and the hornet is still not spawning.
Then I tested on other pets.

Over here, I spawned Elfa and the Cupid (not in the picture) and they worked, then I spawned in the Patrick's Day pet, which worked perfectly fine.

Then I spawned the Zephyr Fish and ended up with air. How amusing.

In conclusion, the version exclusive pets work, but the pets available in all versions will not work. I feel sad because the Zephyr Fish pet is my favorite.
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