Mobile Terrarians Assemble! Mobile 1.3 Launches Today!

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Copy the port to terraria u can find it in the forums somewhere in the newer posts, and the password is vip
Hi, I am Rajdeep. I am new around here can some explain me how to join a local terraria world.
It depends what version you are on. You might also want to consider posting stuff like this on your profile instead of this old thread.
A quick google search should give you any troubles connecting to another person.
Maybe chinese like me will download terraria mobile 1.4 as soon as the terraria 1.4(PC) is released...Or maybe in "overworld"(Sorry cause I'm new here .)
Closing this now as Mobile has gotten the big new Journey's End update and includes all the 1.3.x updates in one!

The Mobile updates can continue to be discussed here:

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