Mobile update for 1.2.4 coming or no

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  1. Is a update coming to terreria mobile soon or no
  2. CraftedNightmare Here!

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    Be patient

    We haven't even got the patch update for the 1.2 update.
  3. DarkWolf658

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    #1 We just got a "bug fix". (ios and amazon will hopefully get a real one soon and AFTER THAT another one for android)
    #2 Counsle doesnt even have 1.2.3 so we wont get it until after.
    #3 We will get 1.2.2 (frost moon) probably some time in june I would guess.
  4. Alfred the Great

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    What Darkwolf said. And in all honesty, at the moment I don't think that mobiles can handle the amount of data that is included in 1.2.4, even now we are missing one set of half blocks, and many other things that has been listed time and time again on these forums. For example, when hardmode first came out they had to decrease mob spawn rate due to the higher spawn rate causing performance issues. Best thing to do for now is be patient as CraftedNightmare said, and if you ever get bored, you could try new things like statue trap batteries, building unique themed structures, farms for drops/materials and the list goes on :)

    And if that doesn't interest you, you could always try other games and take a break from Terraria (which is what I'm doing. My usual routine is once I've played the game to it's fullest, beaten all the bosses and collected all the items, I'll delete my character and world, take a good long break, then come back and start afresh! ). As they say, the sky is the limit, and your imagination is limitless ;)
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  5. 505 games recently put out a video announcement of the approximate release time for the console and mobile 1.2.3/1.2.4 update, Q3 (July, August, September) 2015.
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    Why are you bumping threads? Most of us have seen this already.
  7. edr827

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    505 games said 1.2.3 + 1.2.4 will either be released in July, august, or september
  8. Exidia

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    I wonder if they will add, for us Mobile players, a new exclusive boss. If they do it shouldn't be an event boss, just a boss, like Ocram.
  9. Because I didn't realize the thread was posted in April. Also I'm fairly new to these forums (and forums in general) so I'm still getting used to it.
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    Gotta love exclusive content.
  10. Ender Rebel

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    What? Don't look at me like that, it was true for quite a while!
  11. DarkWolf658

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    You forgot turkor
  12. Cloud551

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    lepus was difficult when i first started out. golden sword>_< i was dumb. couldnt help but wonder if i used the boss spawner multiple times
  13. Dante D.V

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    Well patience is the last thing that I have but I recogniZe that they made a fast and great work at updating the game to 1.2 in just few months when Hardmode took almost a year. They'll surprise us and we'll have the update very soon.
  14. edr827

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    Guys, you notice that this thread was posted in April?

    Hrummh, lemme keep on posting afta 3 months
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    The one who made this thread was like Nostradamus or some sort of wizard I guess
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    his account was actually MADE on the day that he posted this

    maybe he made that acc just to ask when the update's going to come

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    "Hermmm... Lemme check if anyone knows when Terraria mobile is getting updated" Creates account :naughty:
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  18. thegodlyterrablade

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    LOL:D. but seriously WHEN is it coming out????o_O
  19. Dante D.V

    Dante D.V Terrarian

    in any day of Q3. In few words, any day from the rest of july to september 30th
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  20. Ender Rebel

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    Yes, I bet its on the 69th of June
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