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  1. SoulBladeXVII

    SoulBladeXVII Terrarian

    Any idea for a modded play through what mods and what should i build?
  2. Jofairden

    Jofairden Golem

    modpack (C) by mirsario, he made this just sharing

    The Ultimately Sexy Modpack
    (Updated 25.06.18)
    Consists of mostly small (only big ones being overhaul and thorium), but interesting mods.
    All of these mods are stable (if there's something weird about a mod - it's told below) and shouldn't cause any performance issues.

    //Recommended Clientside Mods (Get them yourself!)
    + Which Mod Is This From?
    + Yet Another Boss Health Bar
    + Better Buffs
    //Main / Content
    + Terraria Overhaul (You either love it or hate it for no apparent reason)
    + Thorium
    + GRealm (Goes amazingly with Thorium, requires BaseMod)
    + Beyond The Forgotten Ages
    + WeaponOut
    + Shapeshifter
    + Virtuous Weapon Pack
    + Shortswords
    //Minor Content
    + All The Walls
    + Fishing 2.0
    //Tweaks / Features
    + Variable Potion Sickness *
    //Quality of Life
    + Auto Trash
    + Where's My Items?
    + Quality of Life Recipes *
    + Max Stack Plus
    + Wireless
    + No More Tombs
    + WingSlot *
    + Banner Bonanza
    //Visual / UI / Info
    + Recipe Browser
    + All Blend
    + DPS Extreme
    + Player Health and Mana bar
    + Player Team and PVP Icons
    + Item Checklist
    + Boss Checklist
    //Libraries / Minor
    + DALib
    + BaseMod
    + Hamstar's Helpers
    + Discord Rich Presence
    //Only for Multiplayer
    + Server Side Characters (Only if doing public multiplayer)
    //Only for Singleplayer
    + The Antiaris (Currently has some issues in MP, but it's a great mod. Hopefully it's next update should fix it all)
    * - Directly makes the game somewhat easier.
    Why some good mods were removed/aren't there:

    - Magic Storage - A great mod, but currently quite broken from what i heard. Especially in multiplayer.
    - Chad's Furniture Mod - Causes huge rendering lag at all times. I've reported it to the mod's author, it's being worked on.
    - DPS Tooltip - Crashes the game when looking at certain items (One from virtuous weapon pack for example).
    Hope this helps.
  3. SoulBladeXVII

    SoulBladeXVII Terrarian

    ok Thanks for the mod pack