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    I was messing around with mods since some friends showed interest in playing Thorium. My initial list had to many mods apparently (due to the 4GB memory limit). I ended up cutting our list down to.
    • Fargo's Soul Mod v0.5.1
    • Fargo's Mutant Mod v1.0.2
    • SacredTools v1.0.5.20
    • Spirit Mod v1.3.4.1
    • The Split Mod v0.2.3.1
    • Calamity Mod v1.4.0.2
    • Dragon Ball Terraria v1.0.8.2
    • Thorium Mod v1.5.1.2
    Minor Mods:
    • Better Taxes v0.2.0
    • Soultions Mod v1.4.1
    • VeinMiner v1.3.0.5
    • FinalFantasyStuff v1.0.5
    • Where's My Items v0.5.1
    • Banner Bonanza v1.1
    • Boss Checklist v0.2
    • AlchemistNPC v8.2
    Of these I ended up finding out that Calamity apparently has a bunch of issues in multiplayer and wasn't designed for it, I wasn't able to find any details about the extent of these issues but I did find that it's Revengence mode is enabled globally for all players if someone uses the items. We ended up cutting the following two mods due to the 4GB limit:

    • Enigma Mod - I'm skeptical of this mod working in multiplayer due to the extra dimension thing it says it does.
    • Termor Mod Remastered
    I was wondering if anyone can vouch for some of the larger mods on the list working well in multiplayer, I'm looking to replace Calamity Mod now with Enigma or Tremor but I'd prefer if we didn't get 40 hours in to find out one of the mods has issues and needs to be removed.
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