Moon Lord is Dolphin Confirmed

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Despite the title, this is a awesome theory of mine. Who and what is Moon Lord? Well, according to my evidence...

Moon Lord is a Dolphin.

Now you may be saying, "Aley, how did you come up with that amazing theory?" Well my conclusions came from many places. First, the ocean.

Let's look at the ocean for a second.

Do you see a dolphin? I don't. You may be thinking that maybe dolphins aren't native to the area, but this ocean is also home to jellyfish and great white sharks, which live in the same places as dolphins. Do you want to know the real reason the dolphins went extinct? Let's find out.

We all know that Cthulhu lives in the ocean. (He invited me over once. He has good ale.) But what, you might be asking, is Cthulhu doing in the ocean?

Overseeing the mass production of SDMGs of course. Now, Cthulhu's mother, naturally was very proud of her son. during Cthulhu's career, she, according to my evidence, formed a particular intrest in dolphins. She never would have dreamed Cthulhu was using actual dolphins in his gun factory.

Later on, she remarried... To a dolphin named Juan, and had the octopus lord we know today. Now this may seem fairly far-fetched, but I tell you that you will be joining a dolphin lord cult when i'm done.

Now, due to her irrational obsession with dolphins, Cthulhu's ma was highly displeased when she found out the SDMG making process. She grounded Cthulhu and gave all his dolphin guns to Moon Lord, who promised to treat the dead dolphins strapped to guns with respect and care, as he was part dolphin.

Now, to dumb people, like you, reader, Moon Lord would have no resemblance to a dolphin at all. I mean, look at him...

...but watch as I crudely paste a dolphin face using a crappy photoshop knockoff that I purchased for free on iTunes!
Did I convince you? (of course I did LOL)
Hahahahaha, I have to admit this gave me a good laugh xD. Thank you for making my day. I will never look at the Moon Lord the same.
I will never look at dolphins the same again...though if I do, it will be through super thick walls and at a distance to avoid the death ray and life leech. Can never be too careful ~:p
Haha haha haha haha... Oh, sorry couldn't control myself.:dryadgrin: Yeah. OK. Hmm, hmm this is a really good theory. The dolphins will be happy to find their long lost, unrecognisable brother.:dryadtongue:

(How Aley, how do you come up with such things!)
Is there a SKMG? Kangaroos don't even live in the ocean.
I don't see oceans in space. After all, it's a Space dolphin, not a regular dolphin. And neither do Giant aliens breed with dolphins to create a giant octopus-person-thing.

Moon Lord is also part cat, and a box of fireworks.
Let's not forget he is also part wood, part plastic, part magical glass, part magical paper and part magical crystals.
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