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The Destroyer
There's a lot of boulders, especially with 1.4.5, and I am of the opinion they should be easily accessible. More boulder statues are that accessibility.

Boulder Statues exist. Boulders exist. Boulders can be placed on platforms. Boulder Statues should have that capability as well, along with also being placeable on the floor, like Geysers.

More boulder statues would unlock limitless potential. Want a death trap flooded with Bouncy Boulders to troll your friends? That's possible. Want an AFK farm with boulders instead of lava? That's possible.
Don't waste 1,000,000,000 stone blocks, only waste 10,000!
Don't run out of Pink Gel, run out of ways to escape!
Don't run out of fun, run out of all of your hardcore characters!

EDIT: Here's some pixel art @Noah C. made of what the Mini Boulder Statue could look like:
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I've done some experimenting, and it turns out Boulder Statues can be placed on the undersides of platforms,
but only ones that have been hammered 3 times to take up the lower half of the block.
There's also a glitch where if a boulder statue is hanging from some blocks, you can block swap the blocks with platforms and the boulder statue will still think it's hanging from blocks.
It should be possible to hang it from unhammered platforms like Banners can, and it should also be possible to put boulder statues on the floor like Geysers can.
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