MoreitemsMod (need some help i guess)

is my modding skill crap?(can select 2)

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  • well you can atleast create weapons.....

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So im creating this mod that adds items (created one weapon so far,yes i am modding beginner)
but i dont know what im suppose to do to make it actually build + reload in terraria :confused: (also english isnt my main language so i dont understand some words so i just slapped few things that i found on random tutorial)
so if anyone wants to help me make it work feel free to edit this shared folder
if you edit it please add your name into the authors section in Build.txt and add what you edited/added in the Edits
please check Johns Stuff for items you shouldnt edit
if you do want to edit them, download them and put the edited items into
EditedJohnsItems so i can approve the edits
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