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PC Mud bombs

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Duke Fishron
Some of my favorite features of the Journey's End update are the new ways we are able to shape and customize our worlds to our whims, such as through the world globes the Zoologist sells, moss harvesting, gem trees, and particularly dirt bombs. I'm really fond of dirt bombs since they offer a quick and convenient way to fill up meteor craters and to make large hills. I'm especially a fan of this item since one of my favorite things to do in Terraria is to build artificial terrain and nature.

Src: Dirt Bomb - Official Terraria wiki

This addition to the game really makes me want this feature to be available for the other most common block type in the world, such as snow and mud.
Whenever I build mushroom biomes on the surface I always spend a lot of time destroying dirt and manually placing the mud in a way that makes the terrain feel natural, a lot of the time I even try to replicate the shape of the terrain that was there previously. While I personally don't mind it, this can take a long time.

Since building a surface mushroom biome now is a core part of the game, I think it would only be fitting and fair that the game would include mud bombs that share the same functionality as the dirt bombs.
I think this would allow for more ambitious mushroom themed building projects(not to mention jungle), as well as make the prospect of actually building a surface mushroom biome less of a daunting task for new players. (at least a biome that is satisfying to look at ;))

Please add mud bombs.
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after completing the game in mastermode now all i do is messing with the terrains of terraria and rebuilding the world. dirt bomb is a great addition to fixing the forest and filling up the chasms quick, but we need mud bombs, stone bombs, and other bombs for natural blocks like ash, sand, too!
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