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tModLoader My first attempt with mod item spriting

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So this is my little mod the "Picimod" that add weapons(more to come), later npcs,materials and some more things.
So here's what i have for now...:
True Darklance (Broken hero lance+Darklance)
True Gungnir(Broken hero lance+Gungnir)
Terralance(Broken hero lance+True Gungnir+True Darklance)
Hallowed flail(12Hallowed Bars)
Jungle's wrath(jungle flail)(10Stinger,10Jungle spores)

Blade of frost(upgraded ice blade)(Iceblade+100snow block+50iceblock)
Molten Fork(12Hellstone bars)
Midnight's flail(Night's edge but with flails)(BallOHurt+Blue Moon+Jungle's Wrath+Sunfury)
Bloodmoon(Night's edge flail in crimson worlds made from the Meatball instead of BallOhurt)
Spellbook:Sandy winds(1Book+10Amber+50SandBlocks+1Dune(WIP material))
Spellbook:Tide(1WaterBolt+10Corals+5seashells+1WaterWave(WIP material))
Spellbook:Firewall(like clinger staff in pre hardmode)(1Book+50Gels+100AshBlocks+1Flame(WIP material))
Spellbook:Stormy clouds(1Book+100Cloud+50Rainy cloud+1Lightning(WIP material)
Book of elements(Made from the other 4 element books above)
Heavy swords(More damage,less speed)
Cobalt(10Cobalt Bars)
Mythril(10Mythril bars)
Adamantite(12Adamantite Bars)
Heavy Bone Sword(planned as a secondary drop from Dungeon Guardian)
Palladium(12Palladium Bars)

Orichalium(12Orichalium Bars)
Titanium(Making this one were the hardest of all.)(13Titanium Bars)
True hallowed flail(Broken hero flail+Hallowed flail)
Shadow(Demonite spear)(10Demonite Bars,8Shadow scales)
A powerful late prehardmode repeater made from Hellwing bow and Molten fury(still dont have a name for this)
Broken hero flail(Dropped by Fritz during Solar Eclipse with small chance)
Broken hero spear(Dropped by Frankenstein during Solar Eclipse)
Thats all for now..


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