PC My first build! An evil, Halloween, wizard castle! Any improvements I could make?


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I'm pretty proud of myself for choosing such a large thing that I've never done before to do and actually finishing it! Even though it's not perfect I still finished it and feel good about the finished build

Capture 2022-10-26 14_47_20.png

Capture 2022-10-26 14_36_17.png

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I'd recommend you use another type of platform than spooky wood platform in your staircase designs, because these types of staircases are meant to look 3d and spooky wood platforms aren't much of a great choice for that. Also, I think you should have had less torches in this base in places where you don't put NPCs in.
I'd also hide lots of graves in echo coating for the place to be darker and foggy. Hope it helps! ~:D
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