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You are an adventurer, always on the lookout for your next journey. One day a man you recognise as Tony the arms dealer knocks at your home, he says that his Unreal Megashark, his prized possession, has been stolen by a Goblin army in collaboration with the King Slime.
You laugh to yourself as you recall the past defeats of this particular boss, such embarrassing defeats for a king.You set out on your quest of epicness, first to avoid being lost in the forest trees you must track down a travelling merchant and purchase a tri-fold map, compass and Pho for the journey. After saying farewell to the merchant you look in you inventory and realise you only have 2 gold coins left, curse the merchant and his overpriced pho. A few hours later you find a man tied up resting against a tree, this man is none other that Merlyn the wizard. He says that he will join you on your quest if you untie him, you fiddle with the knots for ages but they eventually come loose.
Merlyn then thanks you continuously but is stopped by the sudden movement in the jungle trees, Merlyn pulling out a potion and gulping it down and says "jungles creepers", you ask him how he knows he answers by saying 'Hunter Potion'. You have no time to ask him where he got it from as the Jungle spiders start advancing. You whip out your trusty Night's Edge and with a flick of the blade the beasts legs lay scattered
over the floor. Where will there adventure take them?

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