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My First Map! :D

Discussion in 'Released' started by Skittl3s, May 20, 2016.

  1. Skittl3s

    Skittl3s Terrarian

    Hello Terraria community! I wanna show you my FIRST RELEASED MAP! :D
    It's very simple: there are rooms, with different challenges. that's it.
    So, here's the download link -----> http://www.mediafire.com/download/lkccyrdjfps3q2q/Adventure.wld
    Thanks! :)

    PS: IT'S MY FIRST MAP. So don't expect sooo much decorations, or a very long map. :)
    Thanks for reading.
  2. I'll give your map a go, but you may want to upload some screenshots so people know what to expect.
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  3. Skittl3s

    Skittl3s Terrarian

    Oh, thanks :D
  4. Alright, I finished it. It's a nice concept for a map. I liked the design of the rooms, they looked nice. But it's a bit short. I feel like it has potential to be a pretty great map if you added a lot more rooms. Of course, you don't have to add more to it, this is just my opinion of it. :) (Btw, you can quote posts using the "Reply" button on the right).
  5. Skittl3s

    Skittl3s Terrarian

    Ok, I missed the first one :v And thanks for playing! Do you think I have potential for my maps?
  6. Well, as I said, yes. It definitely has potential.
  7. Skittl3s

    Skittl3s Terrarian

    Yeah! I'm happy :D I'll keep making maps :) Do you wanna be my "Idea Giver"?
  8. Nah, sorry, I'm not terribly good at making maps.
  9. Skittl3s

    Skittl3s Terrarian

    No, I mean like you give ideas. Like "oh, you should make a map about planets! And spaceships!" like that
  10. I know what you meant, I guess my answer didn't really apply to the question though...Well, my answer is still no. Sorry man, I don't really have any ideas for maps.
  11. Skittl3s

    Skittl3s Terrarian

    Oh. Well, I'm gonna make that idea anyways :D
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  12. Good luck with that. :)
  13. Skittl3s

    Skittl3s Terrarian

    Or maybe a WORM MAP
  14. iab0803

    iab0803 Terrarian

    Hi! I just played your map, and I thought it was pretty fun! The only problem with it is it's length. I beat this map in about 3 Minutes. If you ever create another map, I'd suggest making it longer.
  15. Blahsadfeguie

    Blahsadfeguie Terrarian

    As a first map, it was fairly solid. A creator's first map shouldn't be too ambitious, in my opinion. With little experience, it's certainly better to release a tiny map than to start a huge one and give up after hours of effort.

    Personally I'm a fan of this type of map, where there are several self-contained micro challenges that focus on the challenge itself rather than making it pretty to look at. I'd advise sticking to this style until you become more comfortable with map creation. People will play them regardless :L
  16. iab0803

    iab0803 Terrarian

    I'd have to agree with what you said, mostly. Being a first map creator myself, I can tell you that making a map around 30 minutes long can be made in the course of a few days, if you use TEdit, Free Items Mod, etc. I do agree that the style was very fun, and didn't make the map confusing, and ragequitting at the cobweb that is the challenges (Looking at you, Echo's of The Lost World :/).
  17. Bissy

    Bissy Terrarian

    I literally completed this in less than a minute, but it was worthwhile
  18. BlazedScorcher

    BlazedScorcher Terrarian

    I really like this map!
  19. HyperionDragon111

    HyperionDragon111 Terrarian

    :hoppinjack:Neat! Short but it was a first! Keep going on to make your maps!
  20. Red Slime

    Red Slime Official Terrarian

    This was interesting! I feel like helping out too