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My worst pre-hardmode moments!


Skeletron Prime
Hello! today I wanted to share with you the worst things that happened to me in Terraria pre-hardemode. This is based of my current world (expert mode) with a new character.
  • I had slime rain event when i was trying to build a house for a dye trader. I die about five times to pinky combined with like 20 slimes, and once I finally kill pinky, the King Slime spawns. And after dying again, the rain finally went away.
  • I used a teleportation potion and got down almost to the underworld (lava everywhere) and guess what? I wanted lava to make some farms but: I didn't have a bucket with me. The frustrations are real.
And thats about it. Feel free to tell me what your worst pre-hardmode moments down below! Thank you and have a nice day! <3


Those seem like very minor problems. In this one world I had a while back, the Travelling Merchant repeatedly spawned and walked into a lake and drowned himself. By the time I reached hardmode I had a pond near my house filled with fancy hats.
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