New Boss for Desert & Snow biome

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  1. Kamizama3000

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    Snow biome Boss :pumpking: Desert biome Boss :pumpking:

    1.Yeti 1.Scorpion King
    2.Mad Penguin 2.Pharaoh Amón-Ra
    3.Ice Titans 3.Tremors
    4.Evil Santa 4.King Cobra
    5.Ice Hydra 5.Death Worm
    These are some suggestions of Boss Names I would like to see :pumpking:

    Fighting styles similar to current Terraria Boss

    1.Yeti and Ice Titans = Golem
    2.Death Worm and Tremors = The Destroyer
    3.Evil Santa = Duke Fisheron
    4.Ice Hydra = Plantera
    5.Mad Penguin = The Twins
    6.Pharaoh Amón-Ra = Skeletron Prime
    7.King Cobra = Brain of Cthulhu
    8.Scorpion King = Wall of flesh
  2. Aurora3500

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    Are you proposing to add 5 new bosses each to the Snow and Desert Biome? Or is this list supposed to be 1 of 5 Bosses possible to add to the Snow/Desert? I'm assuming it is the later.

    Either way, it is strongly recommended to give more details about all of these bosses. Just the name and fighting style isn't enough detail for people to imagine how they would function. It is also putting it back on the Developers to make Stats and their AI which makes it harder for them if they were to consider this idea. We also need to know how these bosses would be summoned.

    A Template like this could be used for each of the bosses to give more details about their stats and more details about how they would function during the fight:

    Boss Name
    HP: Boss Max HP
    Damage: Boss Damage
    Defense: Boss Defense
    How this Boss Fights
    What this Boss Drops
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  3. Davidciano

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    You should give more information about these bosses and, if possible, give sprites that they would have. You're basically just saying names that you would like to see on terraria, and the fighting styles do not contribute anything to the suggestion itself. Try to give more information and this would be somewhat acceptable.
  4. Vipera

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    When I read "Desert Biome Boss" I tohught: "Wow! that is a good Idea", but you only haver writed the name of the bosses!o_O
    You need to put more information, stats like HP, damage, defense, it's pre-hardmode?, how do you summon him??, how it looks???... and obiously; which of that 10 names belong to each boss?!!
    Be more creative, make a pixel art for your thread, write more and try harder for the next time... Sure yo can make it better!!! About the Snow biome boss... I think it is not necessary, Because already exists "The frost moon" and "the snow legion".

    Hope see you again, greetings and thanks for reading!!!