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New Class - The Morpher


The morpher is a class idea I have had for a while, morphing weapons transform the user when they use it, each weapon I list below are 3 ideas with right click transforming the person and left click being that transformations attack or ability:

Spiders gaze:
A hardmode weapon that is dropped off black recluses, this weapon turns you into half spider giving you the ability to climb areas with walls and still let you use your weapons.

Imps Spectrum:
A pre-hardmode wand that is dropped from fire imps and turns the user into a imp, giving you the ability to teleport randomly, which seems bad but your magic weapons deal +10 damage and you take no fall damage.

Sacred Snake Tooth:
A hardmode weapon drooped by lijzards that transforms the user into a snake which can make you climb walls, spit venom, bite that poisons and can make you go through 1 block high spots, but you can not use weapons or tools
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