New evil biome? (HARDCORE)

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  1. Metalbones1

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    I think it would be cool if there was a hardcore evil biome that is hard to deal with, purification is too weak to remove it, you have to dig it away or use a clentaminator, the monsters do a ton of damage, and the ore from the biome is hard to get, but is quite powerful if you get your hands on enough of it, it spreads VERY fast, just going into the biome itself is dangerous, not the monsters in it, the biome has a gas released from the evil grass and stone that poisons your character with a new debuff, this effect slowly drains your health, it will not go away until you leave the biome, you need a special gas mask to wear into the biome to avoid being killed by the evil gasses, the gas is even worse underground because there is no ventilation. I know some/alot of you will disagree with this, but I like a challenge, this could be optional to have in your world.
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    Seems more like modding territory.

    Personally I think alternate biomes should be more or less balanced with eachother. I've seen (and supported) threads adding stuff to the crimson to make it catch up to the corruption.

    A poison gas isn't something I want in a biome. As an attack maybe, but not as a constant threat.

    Everything is very vague so I can't even get an idea of what the general theme is.
  3. Metalbones1

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    I didn't put much detail into what the biome should be called and theme and stuff because I knew people would make fun of them.
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    This biome seems more annoying than anything else.
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    If they're making fun of you they will be reported for such behavior. If they're criticizing your suggestion (with actual feedback) then that won't happen. It took me a long time to realize that some of the people here are actually trying to help suggestions along, or if it is a suggestion that cannot be saved at least tell you what didn't work about it so you don't run into the same mistakes.

    Here, this is kind of a how to guide for making effective suggestions.
    Some of the examples are outdated, but the advice is solid.

    People generally like a detailed suggestion. It is for that reason that I don't want to try making a biome suggestion. The bar is set so high, I've seen ones where even the coin amounts are listed and they hit the image cap twice over (so they had to post it on three posts) I recommend starting small. A weapon, a mount perhaps?
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