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PC New NPC - The Bank Manager


Official Terrarian
This NPC is an NPC that can manage your money, give you tips on how to gain more money and can keep your money to spend for later. You won't have to get your money back though if you want to buy something. On death, she drops all your money. Her weapon of choice is the Coin Gun. She will also collect taxes from NPC's and will give the Tax Collector the money. (Hopefully, the devs upgrade the NPC AI.)

Piggy Banks
(New Item) Password Vaults - Public storage that can only be broken by the owner, requires a password to be set by the owner. The password can be reset at any time by the owner.
(New Item) Money bag - Can be placed

She is only obtainable by carrying 5 platinum coins.

Housing requirements:
  • Standard housing
  • A safe
She will always talk about money (And maybe some Mr. Krabs lines during a blood moon.)

Hope the devs read this!


Skeletron Prime
After the hollow knight Banker i have been hesitant to hand my money over to anyone besides myself.

So yeah, i probably wouldn't use this.
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