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*Please understand that all English is the result of translating Japanese by Google Translate.

Latest Version: 0.2 (tModLoader v0.11.8.4)

NPC Info:
Display combat information of NPC.
When you move the cursor to NPC information, drop information is displayed.
By switching the button, information on the NPC that is spawning, information on the item being dropped is displayed.
The straight line to the closest target among the objects selected by left click is displayed.

Display the target value in the tooltip.
The value of spawn NPC is approximate and there are differences from coins actually dropped.

The presence or absence of information to be displayed on the tooltip can be specified by setting change.
You can change the configurations with tModLoader.

- About Cheat Mode -
When Cheat Mode is true.
Teleport to the target by left double-click.
Right double-click to teleport the target to the player.

- About Animation -
When Animation is true.
Animate the display of NPC. Also some items to animate.
By changing the animation speed, you can change the operation speed.



You can change the configuration.



Open Source on GitHub: NPC Info

Version Information:
No functional changes.
Internal code cleanup and version number adjustment.
I built it with tModLoader v0.11.8.4.
Configuration is based on tModLoader.
Configuration in "Mod Settings Configurator" has been abolished.
Unnecessary settings have been abolished.
- Display tooltip item value
- Output drop info

*** Acknowledgments ***
Thanks to Flashkirby99 for making mod settings easier so far.
- Fixed crash problem with price display (If not able to get price information, display nothing)
- For emergency response on the problem that the game crashes when displaying item price tooltips
- Fix to correctly display the line connecting the player and the target even if the scale is changed
- Fixed a bug in which spiked slime which does not exist is displayed
- Added animation display function
- Added cheat mode (teleport to target, teleport the target)
- Adjust tooltip display
- Added value display to item, Spawn NPC, drop item tool tip
- Added drop count display to drop item tool tip
- Added display of the distance to the object on the spawn npc and drop item tool tip
- Added a function to display a straight line to the nearest object by left clicking
- Added mode to display NPC being spawned
- Added mode to display items being dropped
- Improve the drop information a bit
- Fixed bug that multiplayer can not be done
- Added function to display drop information
- Fixed to be placed at the displayed position when window setting is read, when it is outside the screen
- Fix window initial position, minimum value, maximum value
- Fixed an issue where icons are not displayed
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*** Acknowledgments ***
Most of this Mod's code is based on jopojelly's Recipe Browser.
I am grateful to Mr. jopojelly for publishing a great code.
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Bug: does not let you start up a server in multiplayer. so, i cant play outside of single player when using the mod.

バグ:マルチプレイヤーでサーバーを立ち上げることはできません。そう、私はモードを使用するときにシングルプレイヤーの外でプレイすることはできません。 私はグーグルにこれを翻訳しなければならなかった。

(google translated)
It seems theres a little bug that makes the npc info window pop up off screen with no re-size, drag option
If it helps, my resolution is 1366 x 768
Thank you for reporting the bug.
Fixed window initial position.
I am sorry that we could not make enough confirmation about multiplayer. Please give me some more time.
Thank you for reporting the bug.
Fixed window initial position.
I am sorry that we could not make enough confirmation about multiplayer. Please give me some more time.
its ok. more info is probably needed, and multiplayer bugs are probably really hard to fix

@Wizzy09 That is unfortunately impossible to do because of the way how mob dropping items is coded in the game itself. He would have to code those for every single mob by hand, and that will mean it will not show what mobs from mods will drop. There is no way to do it automatically like showing hp, gold drop etc.
Although it is difficult to display accurate information dynamically, it is possible to provide simple information, so we plan to release it in a few days.
Fixed an issue where multiplayer can not be started.

Drop information is now displayed.
However, please note that it is not accurate information.
Wow this mod is amazing especially when trying to find rare monsters (trying to get vines was a pain in the butt before) but for some reason no matter which world I'm in, in the npc info box that shows hostile NPC's there is always an ice spiked slime no matter where I go and no matter which world I make I don't know if it's a glitch or not
I do not know the cause at the moment, but I think it is a bug.
I will take a little time to fix it.
Please paste a screenshot if possible.
I will refer to it to identify the cause.
After reading the comment posted by EpicbowserDX, I am wondering if I am experiencing a bug that is similar. When I am in the Spawned NPC window, i always see Target Dummy. I figured it was normal, being as target dummies have a "ghost" NPC. I do not get the issue of always seeing an ice spiked slime though. I'll post a screenshot if you want it. Thanks

EpicbowserDXによって投稿されたコメントを読んだ後、私は似たようなバグを経験しているのだろうかと思います。私がSpawned NPCウィンドウにいるとき、私はいつもTarget Dummyを見る。私はターゲットダミーが "幽霊" NPCを持っているので、それが正常であると考えました。私はいつも氷がついたスライムを見ているという問題はありません。あなたが望むなら、スクリーンショットを投稿します。ありがとう
Images and tooltips are not displayed There was a bug in which NPCs are displayed.
This is fixed in v.
However, I do not know the cause of the problem that NPC which should not be spawned is displayed, it can not be reproduced.
If there are cases where NPC that should not be spawned are displayed, it will be helpful if you can take a screenshot.

As an alternative method we plan to implement the function to hide the specified NPC in the next version upgrade.
I am reporting a bug I have come across. Having the configuration file setting, "Display tooltip item value" set to True, the game crashes when viewing the tooltip for items purchased with defender medals from the Barkeep. It appears to only be for recent purchases, but i'm not completely sure about that part. Hopefully these screenshots can explain well enough on their own.

Configuration setting "Display tooltip item value" = False
Display tooltip value OFF.jpg
Configuration setting "Display tooltip item value" = False (No crash)
Display tooltip value OFF #2.jpg
Configuration setting "Display tooltip item value" = True
Display tooltip value ON.jpg
Configuration setting "Display tooltip item value" = True (Game crashes + error message)
Error Message.PNG
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