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Have you ever played Stardew Valley?
If not, the game has a very unique but simple relationship system in place.
You gift items to NPCs, talk to them a lot, become their S/O, and then marry them.

This simple mechanic of having an NPC by your side throughout the game is so simple but so loved by so many players.
I want to bring this type of mechanic to Terraria.

The Basics:
Just like the game, there will be a list of global hate, dislike, neutral, like, and loved items. The majority of these being foods, crafting materials, and accessories, but some other types of items are in there.
Along with this list, every NPC will have their own individualized hates, dislikes, likes, and loves. Gifting an NPC an item from this scale will either increase or decrease your relationship points with them.

Relationship Points:
Every NPC will have a scale from -100 to 100. When the world is generation OR an NPC spawns for the first time in your world, they will start with a value of 0.
Here are the point values for the relationship status with an NPC:

Hated: -100 through -75
Disliked: -75 through -50
Neutral Disliked: -50 through -25
True Neutral: -25 through 25
Neutral Liked: 25 through 50
Like: 50 through 75
Loved: 75 through 100
Significant Other: 100 through 150
Spouse: 150+

The levels of "Significant Other" and "Spouse" can only be achieved if the player chooses to continue towards that path.
(Similar to stardew, the player will have to present the NPC with a specialized item to trigger those paths)

Gifting Weights:

Giving an NPC an item on a global list will have the following effects:

Global Hate: -10
Global Dislike: -5
Global Neutral: 0
Global Like: +5
Global Love: + 10

However, giving an NPC an item on their specialized list will have the following effects:

Global Hate: -15
Global Dislike: -10
Global Neutral: 0
Global Like: +10
Global Love: + 20

If this doesn't make sense, let me try to explain here:
Say the Guide loves bowls of soup. Bowls of soup are on the "Global Liked" list, but giving a bowl of soup to the Guide will give you +20 relationship points with him instead of +5, since its on his love list.

So what's the point of getting an NPC to a high relationship status? (Or low, if you just want to see what happens)
Each NPC will give specialized dialogue based on your current relationship status with them.
(By the way, every NPC with this mod has been given a personality, according to the terraria lore to the best of my ability)
Being liked or loved by an NPC will not only give you decreased shop prices, but will also allow you to buy items in their shop that are not visible with a lower relationship status.

S/O (Boyfriend/Girlfriend) Benefits:
At any time, you can request the NPC to follow you around, helping you fight enemies and just giving you someone to walk next to.
Spouse Benefits:
In addition to the benefit that an S/O gives you, marrying an NPC will give you a permanent buff (so long as you stay with them) that is unique to each NPC. These buffs can be anything ranging from increased damage to lighting enemies on fire that walk next to you. Also, keeping an NPC as your spouse for a long time will upgrade the buffs they give you over time.

I know what you're thinking, and I've tried to make this as non-weird and funny as possible.
When you're married to an NPC for long enough AND you manage to get your relationship points up to 250+ with them, you will be able to have a baby with them. This baby will look like the spouse (since its impossible to share characteristics with the player) and will share some personality traits with them as well.
The baby will basically act as a personal minion for the player. The class and weapon they use will be based on the spouse, and their damage will scale with the player dynamically.

I don't have any early screenshots or videos of this mod yet as it is in very early development.
I am also working hard on my main mod, Retribution Mod.

You can support me and my development on the discord server here:

Here's the link to the YouTube channel of that mod as well.

Feel free to drop any comments asking questions or suggesting new ideas!

Thanks, Christone​
Yo if it's possible can you make it so there's Json or add-on support where somebody could make support for like let's say Calamity NPCs some sort of API that would be nice eventually thank you
Are there bonus global points for giving gifts to NPCs during a party? I'm curious how will it work in gameplay.

Also, is it possible to have a relationship with any NPCs, regardless of what genders you pick for your avatar? Say, I want to have a relationship with Guide or Cyborg, even if my avatar is masculine.
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