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PC Nurse Wins!


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It is remarkable how boss battles, events and explorations can be easy with the help of the nurse, even in of the game and in master mode.

Without Teleporter:
First let her near the spawn point that can basically be a bed.
Second, have potions of recall, return and/or a mirror.
Third, have some money (some platinum depending on how advanced you are in the game, or the amount of cures you need, at the beginning of the game only a few gold coins, you can decrease the healing cost a little with the npcs happiness system, yes, you must know how to farm money).
Now you're ready to face the "Eye of Cthulhu" and other bosses without much need of an evasion strategy.
Simply fight the boss a little far from the nurse (not so far away), leaving her out of danger, and when you need to recover your life, go to the nurse instantly with the potion or mirror mentioned above, and after healing, return fast to the fight site.
With teleporter:
Similar to the way without teleporter but more secure.
With each of the two places involved with one teleporter, you can go back and forth instantly.
In battles during the day (Duke Fishron, Moon Lord for example) when the nurse usually leaves the place, it is good to have the doors blocked and to use the teleport.
Against the boss Destroyer the nurse's place should be away from the ground for her safety.

Without Teleporter:
In pre-hardmode events like Blood Moon and Goblin Army, the defense arena can be your base, if you lock the doors they will not enter much, and you will be close to the nurse (you can also use the same strategy against bosses mentioned above too).
With teleporter:
In hardmode with your arena away from the npcs to protect them, you can go to the nurse and come back instantly with teleporters.
If the nurse is locked she will not leave the room if it is day.

If you are able to have multiple return potions, you can always pause exploration to return to your base to heal with the nurse or even clear inventory, but it is still important to avoid potential "one hit death traps" with "The Grand Design" or "Dangersense Potion".

The Cross Necklace accessory can be very useful in this strategy if you get many attacks in the fights, it gives you more time to get out of the fight to recover in risky situations, requiring less reflexes to avoid a sequence of deadly attacks.

This strategy lessens the need to evade enemy attacks but has little effect (or is less simple) against these bosses: Brain of Cthulhu, Eater of Worlds and Wall of Flesh.
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Apparently different from other bosses, the destroyer doesn’t disappear if you go too far, some other bosses are like that too.
Taking damage from the destroyer's head can be quite dangerous, in the fight against him it is good to avoid being hit by the head, and when you heal with the nurse it is better to use the return potion.

And the option "auto pause" on helps a lot, being able to stop the game with a simple "esc" you have more time to take the cursor somewhere or think better about the situation.

In this strategy it is important to use the classic version of the character's life graphic (which shows the numbers), as it helps to calculate with the numbers how much damage you can take without healing with the nurse.

Here a post of mine taken from another topic where I show the strategy against the moon lord that serves as an example, I put it here for being a good addition to this topic here:
I personally defeat moon lord in master mode receiving almost all his death lazers healing with the nurse through teleporters, I'm kind of lazy in this game.
With my complete summoner/stardust dragon "ATTACK" build the moon lord only released one death lazer in the whole fight.
My arena against the moon lord is usually this, when I use weapons that go through blocks, without this type of weapon I take those blocks out with actuators and stay hooked with hook in this teleporter:


The distance from the arena to the nurse is almost one screen (800x600 resolution), enough for him not to teleport when I go to the nurse and for him not to get there so fast floating.
The death ray of moon lord only pass the blocks where the character is apparently, as it says on the wiki.
The cross necklace accessory helps a lot in this strategy, fact.
I still use the blocks because they still block some other minor moon lord attacks.
Lifeforce Potion can help a little to tolerate death ray damage.

The arena teleporter is connected to that teleporter under the nurse, where the main character is:
Sem título 4545.png

Another post of mine about the "Martian Madness" event:

I keep defeating this event hidden between blocks, with this arena, teleporter A and B are connected, is to pass through the beam imitating the effect of "Rod of Discord", teleporter C is to heal with the nurse. Very easy, although I need a weapon that goes through blocks in this strategy.
Sem título 435.png

Here is another example, an arena to beat the plantera, where "A" is the complete arena and "B" are two houses (one for the nurse and the other for the arms dealer, arms dealer for the happiness of the nurse), under the houses is a room for a bed that serves as a temporary spawning point for the main character to heal with the nurse during the fight with the return potion/recall potion/magic mirror:
Sem título 3232 11.png

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