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Texture Pack Nyenoidz's High Contrast Texture Pack



High Contrast Texture Pack


Greetings fellow Terrarians! Welcome to my High Contrast Texture Pack (v1.10).
Please continue below to read more about my texture pack, just saying hello before you delve in.

Disclaimer :: This thread will not be updated for each new version of High Contrast. Please keep in mind that the thread may be outdated.

What is "High Contrast"?

High Contrast is an experimental attempt to overhaul the original textures of Terraria using a 5.5-bit colour palette. The goal is to style all items differently enough to prevent confusion in the best way possible with the extended, yet small palette that derives from a system setting of the same name. Alongside the greater inspiration behind this project, "High Contrast" settings on the Windows OS, other factors include dark themes and minimalism.

At the moment, High Contrast is only accessible from the Steam Workshop and most likely will remain that way. To visit the texture resource pack on Steam Workshop follow this link.


Originally, this texture pack was to be created with a much smaller palette, consisting of 6 colors and 4 shades, which has since been expanded. The original 10 colors and shades were:
  • Red
  • Yellow
  • Green
  • Cyan
  • Blue
  • Magenta
  • White*
  • Gray*
  • Dark Gray*
  • Black*
...where '*' denotes a shade.
Initial Palette.png

The expanded color palette can be described as a 5.5-bit color palette (or 6-bit with 20 missing colors/shades), which derives from the 10 listed above. The list has now been expanded to include:
  1. 6 new color mixtures created as hybrids between the original colors listed above.
  2. 24 more colors by giving the combined original and expanded sets of 12 colors a lighter and darker variant respectively,
  3. 4 new shades. 3 created as hybrids between the existing shades; This adds a Light Gray, a Dim Gray, and Darker Gray. Finally, an even darker gray just between "Darker Gray" and Black.
High Contrast - full palette viewable.png

High Contrast - Palette Table (Transulcent Non-OG Colors) x3.png

^^ The names may differ from the preceding explanation, however their values - and the methods to obtain them - remain the same.

When all is said and done, this texture pack has a mixture of 44 colors and shades within the palette, and has such been coined, a 5.5-bit palette.

Palette Rules

These are the guidelines I have set for myself when I edit Terraria's sprite sheets using the aforementioned palette:
  • All high contrast textures must not contain any other color or shade than what is provided in the palette described above.
  • Colors are allowed to have transparency, however, no translucent color or shade is allowed to overlap with another color or shade, with a few exceptions
  • If necessary, wall textures are allowed to have a layer of translucent black over-top.

All about Updates

Release Expectations :: This texture pack has no specific full release date. Changes will be made at a steady rate of 25 items (excluding related tiles/walls/etc.) per update. Information on each version update can be found in the "Change Notes" of the related Steam Workshop item.

The spoiler below is a brief summary of all updates so far, as well as some before / after images of vanilla and High Contrast textures.
- Most common natural tiles and natural pre-hardmode ores
- Changes that span the entirety of world (to a degree)

- Gems and their respective stone ore blocks
- All mosses (moss growth in v1.5)
- Desert Fossil and Thin Ice

- Clouds, Ices, Sands, Sandstones and Hardened Sands (includes their variants)
- Underground Minibiomes (Granite/Marble), Cobweb and Obsidian.
- Shell pile, Silt, Slush and Meteorite

- Woods (excluding Spooky/Dynasty), Trees, Acorns, Bamboo, Mushroom (Glowing), Cactus
- Dye Plants and Coins

- Strange Plants, Traps and Trap Blocks, Lihzahrd Brick, Remaining Woods,
- Some natural structure blocks, various grass seeds, Coins, Underground Glowing Mushroom Trees

- Minecart Tracks, Lihzahrd Traps, Jungle items and blocks, Mushrooms (Vicious/Vile), Jungle Shrine structural blocks, Dungeon Bricks (including Cracked Dungeon Bricks)
- More Grasses, Alters, Shadow Orb and Crimson Heart, Pots
- Much flora and fauna, Ambient Objects (stalagmites & stalactites), TileCracks

- Statues (part 1), Oasis Plants, Cattails, Lily pads, Sea Oats, Ambient Objects (small collections)

- Statues (part 2), Ambient Objects (large collections), Fallen Log

- Statues (part 3), Ambient Objects (major collections)

- Statues (part 4), BeeHive, Flowers, fruits and PUMPKIN, Herbs and Herb seeds
- Queen Bee Larvae, Plantera's Bulb, Lihzahrd Alter glow textures

- Gel, Antlion Eggs, Wire, Crystal Shard, Gelatin Crystal, Naturally occurring pressure plates, Gemcorns
- All hardmode ores and Luminite, Hallowed Tall Grass
- Gem Tree textures

There is a world where I place all the texture I have done by update. Some time in the possibly distant future I *might* release the world to public through Steam Workshop. Ps :: The world is more-less a mess; the only real thing worth seeing is the area with all the textures organized by version.

Without texture pack
1-5 no Texture.png

With texture pack
1-5 with Texture.png

Without texture pack
6-10 no Texture.png

With texture pack
6-10 with Texture.png

*v1.10, 2nd from right -- I had forgotten to equip something to show wires. I'll just show the sprite sheet itself:

Future Release Summary :: An idea of some things that will be coming in future High Contrast updates.
  • Building Blocks and Walls
  • Furniture
  • Mechanism Blocks
  • Banners
  • Tool items

C29 - v1.9.png

C25 - v1.9.png

C24 - v1.9.png

C23 - v1.9.png

C32 - v1.9.png

C26 - v1.9.png

C22 - v1.9.png

C27 - v1.9.png

C30 - v1.9.png

C31 - v1.9.png

Tile Cracks

That is all to be known of the High Contrast texture pack.
Thanks for visiting / reading through this thread. Have yourself an awesome day / night!​


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