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Persona 5 Wavebank
Hey guys, I made a Wavebank! Without any further ado, here's how to install

The process for installing a wavebank goes like this:

  1. Go into Steam's Terraria folder. You can go about this one of two ways:
    • Manually navigate to it (Steam\SteamApps\common\Terraria).
    • Right-click on Terraria in your Steam library, hit Properties, choose the Local Files tab, and hit Browse Local Files.
  2. From there, enter the Content folder. You should have a Fonts folder, Images folder, Sounds folder, and a bunch of files. One of those should be Wave Bank.xwb - given you've never replaced it before in this version, this is the game's vanilla wavebank, and it's what you want to replace with the custom wavebank.
  3. Back that wavebank up; renaming it will do.
  4. Paste the Wave Bank.xwb file in there and make sure it replaces the original
  5. Start up Terraria and enjoy the new music!
  1. Night - Beneath the Mask ~instrumental~ or Break it Down ~elp version~
  2. Eerie (Meteor, Blood Moon) - King Queen and Slave, ~another version~
  3. Overworld Day - Tokyo Daylight
  4. Boss 1- Willpower
  5. Title Screen - Phantom
  6. Jungle - Price
  7. Corruption - Mementos
  8. Hallow - Poem of Everyone’s Soul
  9. Underground Corruption - Mementos
  10. Underground Hallow - Aria of the Soul - Smash Version
  11. Boss 2 (Wall of Flesh // The Twins) - Blooming Villain
  12. Underground - Interrogation Room
  13. Boss 3 (Brain of Cthulhu // The Destroyer, Frost Legion) - Keeper of Lust
  14. Snow - A Woman
  15. Space - Disintegration
  16. Crimson - Ark
  17. Boss 4 (Golem) - Rivers in the Desert
  18. Overworld Day [alternate] - Break it Down
  19. Rain - Beneath the Mask ~rainy mood~
  20. Ice - A Woman
  21. Desert - When Mother was There ~another version~
  22. Ocean - Hawaii
  23. Dungeon - King Queen and Slave ~another version~
  24. Plantera - Rivers in the Desert
  25. Boss 5 (Queen Bee) - Last Surprise
  26. Temple - A Woman ~another version~
  27. Solar Eclipse - Price ~another version~
  28. [rain SFX]
  29. Mushroom - King Queen and Slave
  30. Pumpkin Moon - Suspicious Person
  31. Underground [alternate] - Tokyo Emergency
  32. Frost Moon - Collapse of Lust
  33. Underground Crimson - Ark ~another version~
  34. Lunar Event - Life Will Change
  35. Pirate Invasion - Escape ~another version~
  36. Underworld - Peace and Security
  37. Martian Madness - Sweatshop
  38. Final Boss (Moon Lord) - Final Boss
  39. Goblin Event - Erosion
  40. Sandstorm - Life Will Change ~instrumental~
  41. Old One's Army - Erosion

And finally, the file. Dropbox - Wave Bank.xwb - Simplify your life
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it says no app associated when i try to download through the link. do you know why or how to fix it?
Are you on mobile or pc? If you're on mobile I'd imagine youd have to download the Dropbox app, for pc it it's saying that I have no clue
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