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PC Plantera Bulb Glitch


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Windows 10
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So i started terraria and beat mechanic bosses, then no messege appread. I wanted to beat plantera but i Explorer the whole Jungle but i cant find any Bulb

Note: Its world from 1.3.5 and im on


Did you have time frozen when you beat the bosses?

Edit: some things don't count if you are in .5 difficulty, like I beat daytime Empress in .5 difficulty and did not get Terraprisma.

If you aren't in Journey Mode, ignore this.


If you just beat the 3rd mech boss, and go to the jungle right after, you most likely won't find a single bulb. wait for like, 3 in-game days or so, and try to look around after.
they start growing when all 3 mech bosses are down, but it takes time, and the first few would quite often grow in very remote places and so, they're hard to find.
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