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Hello Everyone

This is going to be a sizable adventure map based on portal. Cave Johnson guides and talks to you throughout the chambers, currently it is not available for download but i'll be posting some beta-screenshots here. Here is one i took of a very early area
Early screenshot.png
So work is going slowly but surely, i'm aiming for it to take around 6-10 hours. If you want some portal in terraria now if i'll soon try to upload the first 5 chambers to curse which is where i'll be putting the download.
UPDATE: this is why you don't tell someone else to make a post for you :p.
So i have a few puzzles in it right now, and i'm going to release the first part of the adventure on curse today! This will act like a preview and once i'm done with the other to sections of this i'll put those there too
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For now i'll post the first preview map here. It's pretty short, but look at it like a preview for the full adventure. It's In a zipped file. it's called aperture 2 because... reasons. Anyways to install just put the world in your terraria worlds section.


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Two more preview images:
Preview shot 1.png
Preview shot2.png

[DOUBLEPOST=1437700805,1437700608][/DOUBLEPOST]Oh, and a heads up, if you haven't seen it yet, yes, this map will have a original story set in the portal universe.
i'd suggest using some different tiles, meteorite, the martian ones, and maybe some cobalt bricks here and there could make an interesting feel
So work is going smoothly, the 'Freedom' Map has you going through puzzles in abandoned test chambers and platforming through caves. The other map is more traditional, having you testing through the Aperture Science Perpetual Testing Initiative.
Because of personal reasons, i'm am cancelling the cave johnson map, i'm really sorry about those who i have disappointed but please try to understand i've been having a rough time recently. I will try to finish the other map still.
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