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Possible weapon bugfixes (martian madness)


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Windows 10
Terraria Version
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Hello, let me share some observations with you.
*I’m not sure if these are bugs, but nevertheless, it is good to know about them.* Don’t judge me harshly)

– Influx Waver's teleporting blades cannot hit small and/or fast enemies (ML core while the character moving, EoL fight, Fishron charging attacks)

– Xeno staff has the same issue, but to the lesser extent:
View attachment Xeno.gif

– desyncronise Imp attacks (so they won't interfere with each other). There was an attempt with the Spider Staff, and that worked fine.

– buff the Tactical Shotgun (and Chain gun) by about 10% to compensate for previous bugfixes (nerfs in fact). In 1.4.2, HV bullets can no longer “accidentally” pierce large targets twice. It was a nerf for the Tactical Shotgun. In 1.4.1, it had its own niche for shredding large trees/santanks, Ice Queens. Even in that case it was not OP, only slightly beating the Nail Gun. In this case it was a weapon-to-go.
But now its only options are chlorophyte bullets (worse than Piranha gun vs crowds) or crystal bullets (worse than Nail vs large enemies). So, no longer appropriate use scenarios for this weapon.
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